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Talk Sessions on Homelessness Featured

Homelessness is an issue that a couple of mayoral contenders are wanting to tackle. We talked about how to respond to rough sleepers particularly as a christian.

Mayoral contender John Tamihere said he'd launch a hotline – 0800 JACINDA – so people can report beggars.

Six lived rough for about six years and now writes the K'rd chronicle, she talked to us about how she ended up on the streets, what it was like and how she lifted herself out of it.

The Auckland City Mission are well-known for working with those that are on the fringes of society and need help and support. Head of missions Chris Farrelly chatted about the what our responce should be.


This message came through during the night:

"I listen to Rhema in between Star from time to time. I currently live here in Timaru. I became homeless on April 26th, 2019 . I went to my local Winz, & learnt to get myself into debt within 5 minute, I'm now having to drip feed them back. Even thou I'm not under a bridge or living on a street. I'm couch surfing at different places. There is a real demand for rentals here. I only get paid once a month as I'm currently receiving a Disability Support Pension. Unfortunately I've also blacklisted my name by taking the real estate to the tenancy tribunal , but I'm glad to say I won. I am however ashamed of being homeless, most days I even feel embarrassed to be a Christian. I've explained my housing situation to so many Christian people, & I hear the good ole cliche of ''dont worry, God will provide'' or ''I shall pray about it''. I' m currently in a small room sleeping a couch, a small bar fridge , just a microwave, no proper cooking facilities or access to a laundry, but my own shower & toilet. This too, is temporary. In my 50 plus years, I've always had a stable roof over my head , its very daunting becoming homeless. I've allowed some stinking thinking to come in & I' ve been feeling like a burden on society. I 'm disappointed that no one has stepped out to say, 'hey, I can help with meals or doing your laundry'
I'm down on the social housing list & council waiting list like so many other people here. Life is being very discouraging where I've given up hope. I'm missing my bed, my budgies that I can't have at the moment, Im missing out of cooking proper meals & a freezer. These are basic items people take for granted on a daily basis. I was rather stunned when I was up in Auckland recently, homelessness is a real issue in this country that seriously needs addressing! I stayed in the local backpackers for a month & I met a 78 year old lady even homeless."



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