Tom 6:00-12:00pm

TD Jakes and Carl Lentz discuss racism Featured

We've been shocked by what we saw on video of George Floyd dying at the hands of a Police Officer. It's justifiably sparked huge outrage with protests happening all around the world. 

What is the church's responce? How do we respond individually. This is a great discussion worth watching.

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    Programmme On-air Details for week starting 29th June
    66/40   Monday - Friday Topic
    6640 5:30am, 9:05pm

    Monday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 18 to 27 - Part 3

    Tuesday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 28 to 39 - Part 1

    Wednesday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 28 to 39 - Part 2

    Thursday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 28 to 39 - Part 3

    Friday: Romans - Chapter 9 - Verse's 9 to 5 - Part 1


    Focus On The Family    
    focus-on-the-family  4:05am, 1:10pm, 8:35pm 

    Monday: MEN: RISING ABOVE STEREOTYPES Guest: Mr. Craig Glass

    Tuesday: NEW HOPE FOR MOMS WHO WON’T GIVE UP Guest: Mrs. Sarah Parshall




    Thursday: CALMING YOUR FEARS Guest: Mrs. Deborah Pegues

    Friday: HOLDING ON TO THE HOPE OF HEAVEN Guest: Mr. John Burke and Mrs. Jean




    Insight For Living    
    ifl-logo-sm  2:05am, 9:30pm



    Monday: Strong talk on the cosmos
    Tuesday: The Disturbing realities of our time
    Wednesday: The Disturbing realities of our time
    Thursday: The Disturbing realities of our time
    Friday: Dealing with Deceivers






    Family Life Today    
    family-life-today  3:05am, 8:05pm 

    Monday: Ron Deal - The Smart Stepfamily in 2020

    Tuesday: Ron Deal - The Smart Stepfamily in 2020

    Wednesday: Ron Deal - The Smart Stepfamily in 2020

    Thursday: Matthew Arbo-Walking Through Infertility

    Friday: Matthew Arbo-Walking Through Infertility


    A Different Perspective    
    a-different-perspective  2:10pm, 10:30pm

    Monday: I Believe in Miracles



    Tuesday: Never Turned Away


    Wednesday: I Dont Deserve A Miracle



    Thursday: Blow A Hole In The Roof



    Friday: When The Door Closes




    Derek Prince    
    derek prince  12:40am  


     The Ministry of Intercession

    Today with Jeff Vines    
    today-jeff-vines 4:40am, 1:40pm

    Monday:Talk, Talk, Talk

    Tuesday:The Bus Driver

    Wednesdayay:Choking on Onion

    Thursday: School on Saturday

    Friday: Making Sense of It

    Running With Fire    
    running-with-fire  12:14am, 12:45pm, 7:45pm  

    To hear the voice of God

    Joyce Meyer    
    joyce-meyer  12:30pm, 7:30pm

    Winning Life’s Battles

    Adventures in Odyssey    
    odysseyfamily 8:05am (Sunday)

    A Penny Earned

    Ravi Zacharias    
    ravi-zacharias 11:30am, 11:30pm (Sunday)