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A Square Pear? Featured

Now more than ever we're all about supporting fellow NZers, there's one that caught my eye called Square Pear. I chatted Pip Stevenson about how she takes your artwork and turns it into great products like cushion covers, aprons, scarves and all sorts of other things.

Check out her Facebook page

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    Programmme On-air Details for week starting 29th June
    66/40   Monday - Friday Topic
    6640 5:30am, 9:05pm

    Monday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 18 to 27 - Part 3

    Tuesday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 28 to 39 - Part 1

    Wednesday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 28 to 39 - Part 2

    Thursday: Romans - Chapter 8 - Verse's 28 to 39 - Part 3

    Friday: Romans - Chapter 9 - Verse's 9 to 5 - Part 1


    Focus On The Family    
    focus-on-the-family  4:05am, 1:10pm, 8:35pm 

    Monday: MEN: RISING ABOVE STEREOTYPES Guest: Mr. Craig Glass

    Tuesday: NEW HOPE FOR MOMS WHO WON’T GIVE UP Guest: Mrs. Sarah Parshall




    Thursday: CALMING YOUR FEARS Guest: Mrs. Deborah Pegues

    Friday: HOLDING ON TO THE HOPE OF HEAVEN Guest: Mr. John Burke and Mrs. Jean




    Insight For Living    
    ifl-logo-sm  2:05am, 9:30pm



    Monday: Strong talk on the cosmos
    Tuesday: The Disturbing realities of our time
    Wednesday: The Disturbing realities of our time
    Thursday: The Disturbing realities of our time
    Friday: Dealing with Deceivers






    Family Life Today    
    family-life-today  3:05am, 8:05pm 

    Monday: Ron Deal - The Smart Stepfamily in 2020

    Tuesday: Ron Deal - The Smart Stepfamily in 2020

    Wednesday: Ron Deal - The Smart Stepfamily in 2020

    Thursday: Matthew Arbo-Walking Through Infertility

    Friday: Matthew Arbo-Walking Through Infertility


    A Different Perspective    
    a-different-perspective  2:10pm, 10:30pm

    Monday: I Believe in Miracles



    Tuesday: Never Turned Away


    Wednesday: I Dont Deserve A Miracle



    Thursday: Blow A Hole In The Roof



    Friday: When The Door Closes




    Derek Prince    
    derek prince  12:40am  


     The Ministry of Intercession

    Today with Jeff Vines    
    today-jeff-vines 4:40am, 1:40pm

    Monday:Talk, Talk, Talk

    Tuesday:The Bus Driver

    Wednesdayay:Choking on Onion

    Thursday: School on Saturday

    Friday: Making Sense of It

    Running With Fire    
    running-with-fire  12:14am, 12:45pm, 7:45pm  

    To hear the voice of God

    Joyce Meyer    
    joyce-meyer  12:30pm, 7:30pm

    Winning Life’s Battles

    Adventures in Odyssey    
    odysseyfamily 8:05am (Sunday)

    A Penny Earned

    Ravi Zacharias    
    ravi-zacharias 11:30am, 11:30pm (Sunday)