What would you tell your younger self? Featured

The end of the year is approaching fast and many young people are finishing school for good.

I asked listeners what advice they would tell themselves when they were at that stage of life. Here's a selection of the best, there's some gold in here.

-Really pray and follow what God wants you to do and He will take you on an amazing adventure. Trust Him through the good and hard times.

-Don't be pressured into further study if you don’t know what you want to do. There's nothing wrong with staying at home, saving money until God opens the next door.

-Don’t go into this big world thinking you have to be successful at everything. Failing is part of learning what you need to work harder on or what is not your thing. It doesn’t define you.

-To remember everything passes, that faith is a gift

-Live! Try new things! Don’t rush into responsibility and adulthood! Step off your path and out of your comfort zone! There is plenty of time to get to where you want to go.... but maybe after exploring new things where you want to go will change....

-Travel the world :) and learn different languages, learn about other cultures and foods make lots of new friends.

Stay single, get more education, get good job.

-Uni is expensive and paying back student loans is really hard and takes ages - don’t just study something because you enjoy it if there’s no obvious career path that will come from it - you can read about that in your spare time. Choose a career that you believe you will enjoy/find some success in and start working towards it. Don’t waste money on a degree that won’t get you anywhere... be strategic.

-Don't worry a thing about boys. Travel far and wide. Budget wisely. Pursue your education.

-Save some money and don't waste it on food!

-Enjoy the next 10 years, like really take them in. But, at the same time, use them - learn to cook, learn good habits and basic routines, learn other skills that interest you, say yes to experiences, try new things often, laugh lots and hold tight to your good friends and especially to your Christian village and God.

-Love Jesus first, thank God, Walk with God, Read Gods Word, And the rest Jesus will always be with you and guide you and he will do the rest.

-Just focus on the next step and do what you enjoy. Life is always step by step. Believe in yourself and who God has made you to be
Other people’s opinions don’t matter.
Oh and do what you enjoy.

-I remember a little verse that was put in my autograph book by a fellow student at that time. It says: Your whole life lies before you like a path of untrodden snow, be careful how you tread on it for every mark will show.

-Love often forgive quickly and embrace life with wisdom and hang onto God throughout your day always.

-I'd tell my 17 year old self that embarrassment is not fatal, so just do stuff!


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