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Leanna, Bjorn and Josh: Bog Rules

The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast

All the links for our show for Thursday, 19th December 2019!

Leanna, Bjorn and Josh:Bog Rules

The Morning Wake-Up where Leanna, Bjorn and Josh have Michelle Naepi chat about her transformative story from a former client to a CAP Debt Coach making a difference in families lives, and they replay Producer Kat's "follow the ten commandments" bible song, plus they get opinions on a workplace toilet invention ...all that and more. It's how we start our day!


Your Rhema Verse of the Day: 

Here’s today’s Bible Society verse of the day ...

From Proverbs 10, verse 23: "As shameful conduct is pleasure for a fool, so wisdom is for a person of understanding."

And from the Maori Bible; "Hei takaro ma te wairangi te mahi he; ma te tangata matau ia ko te whakaaro nui."

Today's verse is brought to you by the Bible society.

Ever wished the Bible came with a field manual? Well, it’s here! The Field Guide to the Bible will help you make some sense of what can be a challenging book. Check out more at

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