Nerida 1:00-3:00pm


Vision West and Christmas

How do we approach Christmas in a way that includes those in poverty or those who are struggling during the festive season?  This is a question Andrew explored with Brook Turner from Vision West.


Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day was Thursday, an American holiday but what's not to love about it? We talked about the year past and what we're grateful/thankful for even amongst difficult circumstances. 



Consumerism and Faith

A new tradition has snuck into the New Zealand calendar - that of Black Friday.  Diane chatted about this with the Rev. Frank Ritchie, and the tension between consumerism and faith.


Erebus - Engraved on our Hearts

This week marked the 40 year anniversary of the Erebus accident.  Star Radio announcer Lizzie Oakes has a very personal connection with the Erebus tragedy, her grandmother died in the accident.  Lizzie has connected with others who has also lost loved ones through a new podcast series she has created called 'Erebus - Engraved on our Hearts'.  She joined Andrew in the studio to talk about her personal connection and the podcast she has created.


Celebrating Thanksgiving!

We celebrated thanksgiving in the studio today, asking listeners what they were thankful for.  Pastor Craig Heilmann from the Upper Room also joined Andrew by phone to talk about the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of being thankful.

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