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The Effect of Lockdown on New Mums

Mothers Helpers provides a Perinatal Depression recovering programme for mothers who experience depression or anxiety during pregnancy and or after birth.  During lockdown many of the maternal services provided changed to adapt to social distancing rules.  Kristina Paterson is the Founder of Mothers Helpers she spoke with Andrew about the effects of lockdown on new mums.


Is protesting worthwhile?

We talked about protesting on the Talk Sessions. The Black Lives Matter protests have garnered attention around the world and NZ. So, we asked what would compel you to protest? What does a good protest look like? Have you ever protested and do you feel it was worthwhile? Do you believe that protests lead to change? We started by talking with well-known poltical activist John Minto about his experiences.


TD Jakes and Carl Lentz discuss racism

We've been shocked by what we saw on video of George Floyd dying at the hands of a Police Officer. It's justifiably sparked huge outrage with protests happening all around the world. 

What is the church's responce? How do we respond individually. This is a great discussion worth watching.


Say Nope to Dope

Aaron Ironside has just been made a spokesperson for the campaign 'Say Nope to Dope' in the lead up to the upcoming referendum on marijuana.  Aaron talked with Andrew and Diane about why his own experiences with the drug and counselling others who are affected has made him passionate about speaking out against its legalisation.  


How Important Is Diversity?

On the Talk Sessions we talked about diversity and how important is it really?

This was after Todd Muller facing criticism for the lack of diversity on the front bench.

We asked how important is diversity on a board, within management, in church leadership?

If you were in charge would you be looking for the most qualified person for the job or would you be looking for diversity in terms of gender, race, age, religion at the expense of job experience?

What does diversity bring? Are you someone in a management position that is diverse, have you faced any criticism, defiance or worse? Are you someone that wants to go further up the ladder but feels they don't fit the mold?

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