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Dealing with Back to School Nerves

It's back to school for many kids over the next couple of weeks.  For many kids there will be a few nerves heading into a new classroom, or even a new school  As a parent how do we help our kids manage these fears?  Andrew spoke with John Cowan for the Parenting Place, about this. 


Leanna, Bjorn and Josh: The Day-gle Has Come

All the links for our show for Friday, 24th January 2020!

Leanna, Bjorn and Josh:The Day-gle Has Come

The Morning Wake-Up where Leanna, Bjorn and Josh are reaching the climax of a 5 year search, Bjorns sings the scandalous story of Bathsheeba and we hear of a pops who crops ...all that and more. It's how we start our day!


World Leprosy Day 2020

World Leprosy Day is coming up this Sunday.  The day set aside each year at this time is set aside to raise public awareness of leprosy. Sarita Davis and Nadia Paul from the Leprosy Mission in New Zealand joined Andrew in the studio to talk about the day and Missions ambitious goal of eradicating leprosy.


3 Summer Scorcher Tips

So the weatherman is saying that we've got some super sunny days ahead of us! Now, before you go running off to tan at the beach or finally organise that summer barbie, here are a few tips to keep you and your family sunsafe!

1. Sunscreen

Yes yes... we all know we need to put sunscreen on, but here's the trick - 20min soaking time. That's right, in order for sunscreen to actually be effective, you need to spend 20min in the shade letting it literally marinate. It's not easy when you have a glittering blue beach right before your eyes so here's a wee tip. 30min before you arrive, or plan to head outside for your lunch break, set an alarm. Lather up and then by the time it's time to get some sun, you're good to go!

2. Electrolytes 

It's a fancy word, but basically it helps keep your body from becoming dehydrated. There are many ways to get some electrolytes into your body, but a healthy and yum way to do it is to drink a glass of coconut water while you're outside. It's refreshing, low in calories, sugar free and super good for you! 

3. Devices

As much we love to take pictures of summer fun, leaving your phone or laptop outside in the heat can cause the battery to swell up and explode. Sounds a bit dramatic but this did happen to me and it not ideal! In fact it might be a nice chance for you to leave behind the devices and opt for boardgames, books and good old fashioned conversation with your friends and family! Last I checked, none of those explode when exposed to heat!


Hopefully those tips will come in handy as you head outside and get some vitamin D! Happy summer!


- Joy 



New Beginings

Something I've been thinking out recently is ‘new beginnings’.

A few years back we sailed on our little boat to Great Barrier Island. While we were there we had a kayak to get to and from the shore and to muck around in in the safe calm water. On our way home we towed it behind our sailing boat. Once we were out in the open sea the water got quite rough. Our boat was fine but every now and then a bit of water washed into the kayak. It happened over and over until it was dragging behind us and became very heavy. Eventually it started sinking. We cut it loose and our boat stabilised and picked up speed immediately. The funny thing is that we were reluctant to cut it loose because we'd had a lot of fun with it and didn't want to let it go, but we had to - it was holding us back and beginning to be dangerous.

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. Sometimes we hold onto things that are holding us back, perhaps things that we've held on to with affection or longing, thinking that once upon a time it was good, but the reality is that in the here and now it's holding us back. Is it time to cut some dead weight loose in your life? Could 2020 be the year for new beginnings?

Isaiah 43:18-19 say’s ‘Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.’

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