Nerida 7:00-12:00am


Knit One Purl One

Knitting seems to still have a stigma, but slow fashion doesn't have to look "handmade" Katrin Robinson of PurlFoundry knits and creates patterns, I talked to her about the craft of knitting and her knitting youtube tutorials. 



Anglican Movement

Through lockdown Churches have had to adapt their services to going online.  Bishop Justin Duckworth talked with Andrew about how this has gone for the Anglican Church, some of the blessings from this time as well as difficulties and how to take some of the lessons learned to help people in the future.  


Working through Infidelity in Marriage

Marriage takes hard work, however when adultery is committed the effect on a partnership can be devastating, but it doesn't have to be.  Hannah Brodie tells her and her husbands story in the book Corduroy.  Hannah joined Andrew on the show to tell their story of heartbreak and redemption.  


Lockdown Debrief

On the Talk Sessions we did a debrief of the lockdown. It feels like the country has sprung back into life with more cars on the road, people out and about, queues at K-mart and school starting. 

What expectations did you have of yourself going into the lockdown? What surprised you about yourself? Now that we're nearly out the other side what wisdom have you picked up? What would you tell yourself 6 weeks ago?

Did you learn a new language, get fit, write a book or lie on the courch and watch judgement, we're all different and experienced something pretty unique.

We started by talking with Shaun Robinson the CEO of the Mental Health Foundation.

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