5 Affordable Emergency Lunch ideas Featured

"Oh no... I forgot my lunch!" 

We've all been there! That sinking feeling when you realise that you left your food on the counter or forgot your wallet and can't buy your regular meal. 

This happens to me at least once a fortnight, so I've come to realised that an emergency lunch stash isn't just a smart idea, but a necessity. 

I've come to learn a few decent combos that not only fill me up, but aren't too bad nutritionally! I'm also not a fan of spending more than $10 on my lunch so here are a few affordable ideas below. Some of them can even be used for a 2-3 meals if you're extra savvy!

1. Packet of microwave rice + tuna can + miso soup 

2. Soup mix + crackers + peanut butter + sweet and salty popcorn mix 

3. 2 minute noodles + bliss balls + mixed nuts 

4. Taco spice mix + mixed bean can + mini tuna can + packet rice 

5. Risotto/tortellini packet + canned chicken + canned corn kernels 


Hopefully that helps with those 'don't have lunch' days without breaking the bank!


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