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What lens do you see God through? Featured

What lens do you see God through? Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Recently my wife showed me a spoken word piece she found on social media. Normally I role my eyes at yet another Facebook video (you can watch it below). However, as I watched the video which talked about us seeing God a bit like Santa, I paused to reflect on what exactly shapes my view of God? Obviously, culture shapes our viewpoint, we have earthly parents who shape our perspective. In a media saturated world there is no end to the ideas and opinions available. So how do I see God? Am I guilty of trying to make God into something I can understand and dare I say it, even try to manipulate to my advantage?

As I pondered these questions, I remembered Jesus came to show us the Father. Sometimes we struggle with the fact that Jesus walked the earth more than 2000 years ago. It feels like it's a different world now, but is it? We have the bible which records the words that Jesus said. Jesus also didn't leave us as orphans leaving us the Spirit of truth to remind us of the things he said. So maybe a good reminder at this time of the year to readjust our focus. God has revealed himself to us in these last days through his son and rewards those who earnestly seek him.

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