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Kiwi Stars as Jeremy Camp in upcoming movie Featured

Kiwi Stars as Jeremy Camp in upcoming movie Photo Courtesy of I STILL BELIEVE on Instagram

I wasn't crying when I watched the trailer... my eyes were just getting a bit moist. 

The new trailer for Jeremy Camp's movie "I Still Believe" looks like a phenomenal film I can't wait to watch. 

It looks at the real-life story of singer-songwrite Jeremy Camp and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who died of ovarian cancer shortly after they married. Camp's song "I Still Believe" was the first he wrote after her death. Have a listen to it below. 

Following the success of "I Can Only Imagine", this film was put into the works with Kiwi KJ Apa cast as the lead. Apa, who will do his own singing for the film, said he was drawn to the story because "their love is seriously put to the test in this movie," adding, "it's about journeying through your biggest fears and disappointments and coming out still believing. I believe that anyone, everyone can relate to this film because it's a story about love, loss, and hope."

Check out the trailer below - coming in 2020!

- Joy 

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