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The Forum: If You Were Prime Minister

The general election is this weekend! There are two guys vying to become leader of the country. But how about if it was you – if you became Prime Minister in a week from now, what is the first thing you would change?

Our callers shared what they would change in New Zealand - from smacking laws to legalising cannabis to deep-sea drilling and making all mondays a holiday.

Listen to the full highlights below:

The Forum: Sunday night from 9pm.


The Forum: Voting and the Issues You Care About

The general election is only two weeks away - so this week, we talked about politics!

Callers shared their thoughts about whether or not they're voting, and what policies are important to them.

The Forum: Sunday night from 9pm.


The Forum: Social Media and Arguing Online

With the election right around the corner, you've probably noticed people getting into arguments about politics on social media.

This week we asked: Do you take part in online disagreements? What do you not like about social media, and how can social media be used in a constructive way?

Our callers shared their thoughts about voting for the first time, how social media has changed the discussions we have and how addicted they are to Facebook.

The Forum: Sunday night from 9pm.