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The Forum: Idolizing Christian Celebrities + Body Shaming Featured

Christian 'celebrity' culture has been a reality throughout Church history. But is it a bigger problem than ever before? In recent years we've watched people like Rob Bell and the Gungors be ostracized from the Church that had originally elevated them. Kallie Garrett from was on The Forum to talk about the danger of idolizing Christian celebrities.

Also this week our resident counsellor Aaron Ironside took a look at a question from somebody who is feeling body shamed by their friends and family. If you've got a question you want addressed by a professional counsellor, you can text it anonymously to 875 keyword Forum or send it to our Facebook page.

Plus the Reverend Frank Ritchie taks about the Church's history with Guiness and Sherryn Tai is in to update us with the week in social media. 

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm.

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