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The Alpha and Omega

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    Programmme On-air Details for week starting 18th February
    66/40   Monday - Friday Topic
    6640 5:30am, 9:05pm

    Monday:Leviticus - Chapter's 11-12 - Session 2
    Tuesday: Leviticus - Chapter's 11-12 - Session 3
    Wednesday: Leviticus - Chapter's 13-14 - Session 1
    Thursday:Leviticus - Chapter's 13-14 - Session 2
    Friday: Leviticus - Chapter's 13-14 - Session 3

    Focus On The Family    
    focus-on-the-family  4:05am, 1:10pm, 8:35pm 


    Tuesday: PREPARING FOR THE EMPTY NEST YEARS Guest: Mrs. Marci Seither

    Wednesday: FLYING HIGH Guest: Mrs. Gaye Martin

    Thursday: MEASURING YOUR WORDS WITH OTHERS Guest: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

    Friday: UNDERSTANDING GOD’S PLAN FOR THE END OF LIFE Guest: Mrs. Joni Eareckson Tada


    Insight For Living    
    ifl-logo-sm  2:05am, 9:30pm

    Monday:The Grace Awakening
    Tuesday: The Gift of amazing Grace
    Wednesday: Grace its really amazing
    Thursday: Grace is free Eph chapter 2
    Friday: The Free Gift


    Family Life Today    
    family-life-today  3:05am, 8:05pm 

    Monday:Vertical Marriage - Dave & Ann Wilson

    Tuesday: Vertical Marriage - Dave & Ann Wilson

    Wednesday: Vertical Marriage - Dave & Ann Wilson

    Thursday: The Art of Parenting: Mission and Releasing - Dennis & Barbara Rainey

    Friday: The Art of Parenting: Mission and Releasing - Dennis & Barbara Rainey

    A Different Perspective    
    a-different-perspective  2:10pm, 10:30pm

    Monday: A Rocky Start
    Tuesday: Growing Up
    Wednesday: Turning Point
    Thursday:The Impact of the Lies
    Friday: A Future with Hope

    Derek Prince    
    derek prince  12:40am  

     Agreeing with God, Pt. 2

    Today with Jeff Vines    
    today-jeff-vines 4:40am, 1:40pm

    Monday: PUMPED Matthew 8:5-13 Part 1

    Tuesday: PUMPED Matthew 8:5-13 Part 2

    Wednesday: PUMPED Judges 6-7 Part 1

    Thursday: PUMPED Judges 6-7 Part 2

    Friday: PUMPED Matthew 4-18 Part 1

    Running With Fire    
    running-with-fire  12:14am, 12:45pm, 7:45pm  Hope
    Joyce Meyer    
    joyce-meyer  12:30pm, 7:30pm  Live to love
    That's the Story    
    thats_the-story 1:45pm, 6:50pm

    7-8am, 7:10pm (Saturday)
    7:10pm (Sunday)
    Join Ronnie and the team for fantastic stories, lots of fun and learning on Rhema.
    Adventures In Odyssey    
    odysseyfamily 8:05am (Sunday) The Ties that Bind, Part 14 of 14
    Let My People Think    
    ravi-zacharias 11:30am, 11:30pm (Sunday)  LOOKING FOR JOSEPH


    Derek Prince