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Living with Autism

Dr. Theuns Henning, together with his wife Tania, have written the book Making Sense of the Jigsaw Puzzle about the challenges of bringing up their autistic son. Arletta van den Bosch is the Family Consultant of the Children's Autism Foundation. John interviewed them both about their experiences.

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Intelligent Design

John talked with Stephen C. Meyer - the director of The Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture about intelligent design, how he justifies what he believes, and how to have intelligent conversations around design.

Dr Meyer holds a Phd from Cambridge University, and founded the intelligent design movement in the US.


The Forum: Attacking God

British actor Stephen Fry got the internet talking about religion this week after he launched an attack on the idea of God.

In an interview about religious affairs on Irish television, he said that God is evil, stupid and monstrous.

So, on this week's Forum, our callers shared about how they respond to these sort of attacks.

The Forum: Sunday night from 8pm.


The Forum: Christian Music Festivals

Last weekend we were at both Cloud Festival and Festival One.

We talked with the directors of each festival about how they went and what we can expect next year.

We also played some of our favourite interviews from the two festivals: including Newsboys, Newworldson and Dan Bremnes.

The Forum: Sunday night from 9pm.


Clutter Free Challenge

February seems like a much better month to start those New Years reolutions. School and work is back and routines are re-established. Di talks about re-starting her resolutions to become clutter-free and the Clutter-Free challenge.

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