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Laying God's Table at Christmas

Hospitality and sharing Gods love through company and food is a passion for Richelle Raeburn.  She is the author of Laying God's Table a recipe and hospitality manual. She joined Diane in studio to talk about the importance of hospitality at Christmas.  


Why is Christianity Unique

What makes Christianity different than any other religion? A virgin birth, morals, ethics, rules, laws, and miracles ... other religions have had similar things. So what's so unique about Christianity?

Myk Habets from Carey college answers your theology questions everyweek. If you have a question emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Auckland City Mission at Christmas

Auckland City Mission is doing Christmas differently this year.  The mission is not only operating out of their temporary home in Central Auckland but are also distributing Christmas food, parcels and presents out of Eden Park, the Ngā Whare Waatea Marae in Mangere and Papakura Marae.  Chris Farrelly from the mission talked to Andrew about this expansion and the greater need this year. 


Vicarious Grief

Grace Millane's murder has shocked and outraged the nation. The story has resonated with us so much that many are grieving even though they are not even connected with the family.

Richard Black from Strength to Strength counselling chatted with Nerida about the depth of grief we're feeling.

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