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Eat My Lunch founders

Eat My Lunch makes fresh wholesome lunches everyday delivered to schools or workplaces, for every lunch bought, they give a lunch to a child in need.

John Peachey chatted with Lisa, one of the founders.



The Forum: Refugee Crisis

Refugee numbers are the highest they've been since World War II. There are calls for NZ to take in more refugees in response to the growing crisis in the Middle East as millions are fleeing countries like Syria. So on the show we asked the question: should we be opening our nation to them?

People had strong views on both sides - check out the highlights:

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Best of Breakfast: Andrew Shaves His Head

This week we told our best Dad jokes and DIY fails in honour of Fathers Day, Andrew is adamant that you can tip cows and we caught up with the band Lifehouse.

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Best of John Peachey

In this Rhema Mornings podcast Martin Campbell from East West joins us for a chat about the reality of being on the mission field, and Dan Goodwin updates us with the latest in music news. We also caught up with our money mentalist Lynda Moore - she shared 7 tips for financial success.  Judge Carolyn Henwood also made time to come into the studio to respond to recent articles about foster care and child abuse.

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The Forum: Cancer and Healing

It was Daffodil Day on Friday. Around 21,000 Kiwis are diagnosed with cancer each year, so on the Forum this week our callers shared their thoughts on facing a cancer diagnosis, and supporting people who face one.

People also shared their thoughts on alternative cancer treatments and healing. As part of this show I played some clips from an interview that I actually recorded 5 years ago with a guy called Dr Jared Noel.

Last year Jared passed away from bowel cancer and there's been a documentary made about him which you can see soon on

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