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Best of Breakfast: Sharing Faith At Work

This week we decide if it's rude to go through other peoples' things, Andrew auditions to become Life FM's corporate voice, George makes Andrew eat something gross and we talk about sharing faith at work. 

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Risk Wanted in Park

Greg Wilson, Deputy Director, Christchurch Central Project Delivery chats with John about the development of Margaret Mahy Park in christchurch. Touted as Christchurch's coolest government-led project to date. With a flying fox, a gigantic slide, climbing wall all divided into 4 distinct zones – the peninsula zone, forest zone, wetlands zone and plains zone. The interesting thing about this playground is that the kids contributed ideas and they wanted risk!



Asian Outreach in Mongolia

When the Russians pulled out of Mongolia in the early 1990's they left behind a huge and dangerous political , economic and spiritual vacuum. At that time, Asian Outreach sent a team into Mongolia to try and connect with the Church – they found only five Christians in the whole nation, and two of those were foreigners. Pastor Badmaa Tosgoo from Mongolia chatted with John.


The Nappy Lady

The nappy lady is all about reusable baby products, reusable products for yourself and your home, recycling and composting. John chatted with Kate Meads all about it.


Freedom from Addiction

Peter Carrington the Director of the Freedom Life Addiciton Centre talks to John about their programme, their philisophy and their success stories.

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