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A series of colourful pop up events have begun in Christchurch to encourage workers to take a break for their wellbeing.  Called Moodshift the free events are the initiative of  Gap Filler.  Project developer Rhiannon Josland from Gap Filler talked to Diane about this initiative.


Prayer and Vulnerability

Strahan has just released a new album - Vulnerability which is accompanied by a book of prayers, the first book he's ever published.  Diane and Strahan chatted about this new music, vulnerability and a new addition to his family!


Allergy Awareness Week

Allergy Awareness Week kicks off in New Zealand schools next week.  Penny Jorgenson from Allergy New Zealand joined Diane in studio to talk about what the week entails and food allergies.


When the Crowd Stops Roaring

A new memoir has just been released documenting the life of former All Black Neven MacEwan.  From his early years through to becoming an All Black and life afterwards, Neven writes frankly and honestly about his experiences.  Neven joined Diane by phone to talk about his inspiring story.


The Least of These

The Least of These is a new movie based on the true story of Graham Staines, an Australian missionary working in India helping lepers.  Shot on location in India, the story illustrates the power of love, hope and forgiveness to overcome hate.  Shari Rigby plays the wife of Graham Staines, Gladys Staines in the film and she joined Andrew by phone to talk about the new movie.



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