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Andrew + Di 10:00-3:00pm


The Benefits of Reading Fiction

Science has found that reading fiction is good for you and your kids...and not just because it gives you a break from the iPad/computer/TV.


"Exodus: Gods and Kings" Review

Luke was at an advanced screening of the latest Bible blockbuster, which looks at how Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. He chats with Leanne about how he found it.


The Forum: Your Story

Matthew West has an interesting way of writing songs. He asks for people to send him stories from their lives. Stories of what God has done. Stories of what they've been through. Stories of what they're dealing with right now. He then goes to a log cabin in the woods where he reads them all and turns some of them into songs.

He's about to write a third album like this and is currently asking his fans to send him letters. So this week we asked - if you were going to write a letter like this - what would you write about? We didn't turn your stories into songs but we did turn them into a talkback show!

The Forum: Sunday night from 9pm.  


DIY Christmas Presents

Di's got some lovely DIY gift ideas that go easy on your pocket, and are really thoughtful too.                                           .


Man Takes Up His Cross and Goes on a Road Trip

Ryan Craig is walking the length of New Zealand with a cross - it’s the fourth time he’s made the journey! He popped into the Rhema studio for a chat with George on his way through Auckland.

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