One Million Children

The ‘One Million Children’ conference is happening from the 14th of September.  The conference looks at how churches can better connect kiwi kids to stories of faith. Andrew spoke with organiser Tony Collis about the concept and the conference.

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Op Shop Day

August the 17th is known as Op Shop Day.  To find out more about the running of op shops and the changing face of the industry Andrew spoke with Gareth Marshall, the National Families Store Manager at the Salvation Army.


Helping the Blind to See

A year ago Rhema had a day called Miracles day, we partnered with CBM and by the end of the day we funded just under 3000 cataract operations, Nerida chatted with Mike Potter the acting CEO about the work they do.


Disney has done it again!

All the links for our show for Friday, 17 August 2018!
Random things we talked about:

Disney has made parents dreams come true with the hotline that helps kids fall asleep!


Sending our love to Aretha's family - rest in peace. 

 The little girl who secretly ordered $350 worth of toys on Amazon donated them all to a children's hospital



Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Proverbs 16:24

I think we underestimate the power of kind words and the healing power of them.

When the thoughts inside someone's head are all negative and poisonous, a kind word from your lips is like sweet honey - healing and healthy.

Today's verse brought to you by the Bible Society handbook for the bible. Check out BibleFieldGuide.com to get this great resource.


Socially Conscious Car Parks

Gap Filler is a creative social enterprise that offers  services to foster community wellbeing. Since December the Christchurch organisation has provided a socially conscious car park, raising money for community projects.  Andrew spoke with Gap Filler Co-Founder Ryan Reynolds about this service.

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