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Irish Stew

St Patricks Day Traditional Irish Stew

There are only four ingredients to Irish Stew making it a very low cost meal. With potatoes being the main ingredient a typical bowl of Stew is enough as one serving but the great thing about this recipe is that it still tastes good when re-heated.

2 large onions
4 large Carrots
½ stewing steak / mince or lamb
8 large potatoes
Salt & pepper (personal preference)

How to make Traditional Irish stew

Wash and cut onions into moderate size chunks and add to the pot. (dont like onions? Do not worry, this can still be cooked without onions).
Wash carrots and cut into chunks (some prefer thicker chunks for taste).
Wash and peel the potatoes (spuds) then cut each one in half.
Slice the meat into smaller pieces. If using stewing mince roll into meatballs.
Get a large pot and fill it with water. Add the potatoes and meat.
Heat pot until water boils then add carrots and onions.
Keep on a low boil and stir every now and then until vegetables are cooked.
Serve hot!
Cooking time for the Irish stew should be approximately 60 minutes or when the meat is fully cooked and the potatoes are soft inside (check using a fork) but there is no harm in keeping it on a very low heat for longer. It can also be reheated to be served later.

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