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Addictive Pokies

Slot machine spending has seen an increase in the last year in NZ despite a reduction in the number gaming venues and machines.
Associate professor Peter Adams from the University of Auckland has worked in the fields of drug and alcohol research since the 1980s, with a particular focus on gambling addiction in the last decade, he talked to Andrew about the addictive nature of pokie machines.


Marked by Mercy

Mark Johnston was once a drug addict but, after a face-to-face encounter with God he now helps to run the rehab centre he entered in order to get clean and has also written a book Marked by Mercy.


Childrens Well-being

The Children’s Commissioner is calling on the country to embrace children’s rights to ensure their overall well-being.
“The new Government has declared that ‘if we put child well-being at the heart of what we do, then the well-being of all New Zealanders will be lifted’.”Andrew spoke to Judge Andrew Becroft.