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The Power of Kindness Featured

Recently I have been reminded just how profound the power of kindness is. I was sitting in a bus stewing in my own worries when an elderly gentleman obviously down on his luck sat in front of me. I barely noticed him I was so consumed by my own thoughts. Then what did grab my attention was another person, talking to the bus driver potentially holding up the bus from leaving immediately. A wave of irritation washed over me. However my irritation was soon turned around. The other man was asking if he could pass on a chocolate bar to the man in front of me, as he went up to him he gave him the chocolate bar and said God bless. This small act of kindness stopped me in my tracks - how often do I go out of my way to help others... How had this act of kindness turned around this other mans day? I would say this is an unusual act of kindness something talked about in a recent devotional that really got me thinking about in what ways I can be unusually kind.

If you get the opportunity check out this devotional by Karen Ehman.

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