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Movie Promo

This week on Rhema Breakfast we are giving away movie passes and copies of the book "Unbroken" - the incredible true story of Louis Zamperini - a story of survival resiliance and redemption. This is a story of Faith overcoming desperate circumstance, as director Angelina Jolie explains in the following feature.


Louis Zamperini talks about his experience after the War and about how he became a Christian.


Louis Zamperini talks being attacked by a fighter plane, surviving a typhoon and being captured by the Japanese.


Louis Zamperini talks about surviving 47 days adrift in the the South Pacific, so hungry that even Albatross tasted good


Dan Wooding from Assist News had the opportunity to interview Luis Zamperini and ask him about his remarkable story.



Louis Zamperini talks about his time in the US airforce and crashing in the Pacific


Louis Zamperini talks about his deliquent past, becoming an athlete and the day he met Adolph Hitler.


George Chats With Newworldson

George headed down to Festival One at Mystery Creek on the weekend, and caught up with Joel from Newworldson.