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Avoiding Election Infection Featured

Plus all the links and extra bits from Holly & Dan for Wednesday August 9.

Politics can be divisive. In this message, Andy Stanley explains why Christians should approach politics differently than they tend to. We played a couple of clips on the show, but here's the whole message.

Poor Producer Maxene spent all day yesterday inflating and tying 200 balloons for a university event. Look at these blisters!!


The GMA Dove Award Nominations were announced overnight (sort of the GRAMMYS for Christian Music in the US) - tons of Rhema artists are nominted, including Zach Williams, Lauren Daigle, Chris Tomlin, and NEEDTOBREATHE. Here's the full list of nominees.

Lego were forced to repackage 120,000 sets after a worker used the wrong shade of grey (he put in dark grey when they should've been light grey - I know... big disaster!), but we got talking about times we've made catastrophic errors at work.

Dave: I'm a mechanic and when I was an apprentice I used the wrong wax on a car and stuffed up the paint – boss was not happy.
Kate:  I accidentally pressed reply all to a work email – now the whole company knows why I missed an important meeting – I locked myself into my garage! 
Peter: Accidently cloned a blank hard drive to a full hard drive. It was suppose to be the other way around. Managed to get all the data back (praise God for google!!) but it was close call with the boss for a sec.
Anon: Last week I did my usual 1 hour commute to work in Timaru before figuring out my first appointment was a meeting with a colleague in our Ashburton offices. Talk about a massive waste of time!
Graham (from the US!): I worked as a baker for a fast-food place while in college. It was snowing one morning when I came in, but I decided to bake a lot anyway, on the assumption that it wouldn't snow that much. A foot and a half of snow later I baked 600 bagels, and we had about 3 customers. We closed early, with about 540 bagels left over. 

Bill Burr, the guy who invented the rule of including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols in passwords, says that he's sorry - because that doesn't make your password stronger at all.


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