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Caleb + Kelsey Worship Medley Featured

Plus all the links and extra bits from Holly & Dan for Wednesday August 9.

Dan's song for Worship Wednesday was this medley from Caleb & Kelsey:

Today's Would You Rather question: would you rather look like a 16-year old for the rest of your life, or look like you're 45 the rest of your life?

Do you know a 18-24 year old who has a heart for seeing God's work done in third world countries? Tell them to check out the Leprosy Mission Youth Advocate Scholarship program.

We talked about things you loved as a kid, that you can't really do now that you're a grown up:

Mel: I miss having friends over for sleepovers and midnight feasts. Not quite possible now i'm an adult "hey do you want to come to my house for a sleepover, my mum has got us midnight feast snack" hmmmm
Tom: I totally rememeber fairy bread for when i was a child. Turning up to the office with that for lunch would certainly get a few interesting looks
Gemma: I used to love stick on earrings. I always thought i was so grown up wearing them but that wouldn't fly so well in my lawyers office.
Clare: When I was a kid we got to choose the birthday cake we wanted. Ice cream cake won hands down! I'm coming up 65... Ice cream cake still the winner..go for it Dan [here's hoping my wife sees this because she think's adults can't have icecream cake]
Carien: I am 52 years old and I still mix peanut butter and golden syrup and eat it without bread like I did when I was young! But I make sure my husband and kids do not see me!

When you're a BBC news presenter, you're meant to report on serious, hard-hitting news... and not so much the stories about dogs that surf:

Watch the team at McLaren build a full-size model of a 720S entirely out of LEGO. Don't worry you don't have to watch it in real time.

And in feel good news of the day - a parent built the world's first 'fully accessible' theme park - and it's AMAZING!!

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