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Andrew's Birthday Message For His Dad's 80th Featured

Too often we have eulogies for the funeral but don't share how we feel with those we love while they are with us. Today on his 80th Birthday I'd like to share these thoughts with and about my Dad, Malcolm George Urquhart.

Dad, you've always had real sense of adventure, embracing opportunities, and you've often taken the road less travelled just to see were it leads.

I know that there have been tough times and tragedy in your early years, but I think this has all helped to shape your character, build resilience and establish your priorities in life.

Firstly, you're a real people person...

Dad I've always admired how you get on so well with a wide range of people, making friends effortlessly, but not suffering fools. You also don't seem to care what others think of you, never restricted by social norms and expectations.

Dad you have a free and Generous spirit, always willing to have a go at stuff, you've never appeared worried about looking silly doing it. Boldly jumping into life, ready or not, and figuring out the details on the way.

Secondly a contagious love of nature...

Whether it be Tramping, Fishing, skiing or just camping by the beach.... We've enjoyed Family holidays all over New Zealand, usually in a rusted out Holden with an army surplus tent. Exploring and having fun together was always more important than staying in fancy places or having the right gear.

This love of travel has more recently taken you on many intrepid journeys all over the world, and yet everywhere you go you have connected with people, their culture and their stories. Always coming home with plenty of stories and photos of your latest Odyssey.

The biggest love was definitely your precious wife Barbara, your companion for life. Journeying with you and often a sensible voice to balance your sense of adventure. Together through the ups and downs of life, you were such a great example of how a couple bring out the best in each other.

It's now nearly 11 years since she left us to be with Jesus, and I know you still miss her every day. You had so many wonderful years together, so many memories filled with love. It's not the same without her, but your resilience, your compassion, your sense of adventure is still there, I know those are some of the things she loved about you.

You have taught me to live life with enthusiasm, and to care for those you love. I don't need to worry about what I'll be like when I grow older, my hope is that I'll become more like you. Thank you for being such an inspiration. You are deeply respected, cherished, loved and prayed for. Looking forward to our next adventures together.

Love you Dad – Happy Birthday

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