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Does God Still Love Me? Featured

I find it really interesting how people in our culture engage with Easter each year. For some, it's nothing more than a few days off work or school and eating a whole lot of chocolate. For others, it's an incredibly meaningful and spiritual time. And I think for many people, it's somewhere between the two.

I've noticed in past Easter weekends that people seem willing to think and talk about God in a way they don't at any other time of the year. I don't just mean church-attending, committed Christians either. Easter is a time when you'll hear God being talked about by people who normally would never do so. You'll hear matters of faith discussed on regular, mainstream radio stations. You'll see friends posting about Easter on social media.

Of course, not everyone shares the perspective I have on who God is. But I find it really interesting how many people seem to believe he exists. See, I don't think there are actually too many people who would absolutely say there is no God. It's not that they don't believe he exists, it's that they don't know what he is actually like. If God is there, is he good? Can I trust him? Does he want me?

To answer those questions, let's take a quick look at some of the events of the first Easter week. The crowd are hailing Jesus as he rides into the city on a donkey. They're honouring and praising him. They're shouting 'hosanna'. Only a few days later the mob are demanding his death. On that first Good Friday as they watch him die on a Cross, Jesus asks his father to forgive them. It's seems almost unbelievable. As he's dying on the Cross, he's asking forgiveness for the very people who put him there.

The night before he'd shared a final meal with his disciples. As they are eating, Jesus Christ – God incarnate – washes the feet of his followers. And not just the ones who it seems deserve respect. He washes the feet of the man who betrays him.

Three days after his Crucifixion the most incredible thing happens. Jesus lives again! He conquers death and rises from the tomb. He then wants to spend time with people and hang out with them again. And not the ones who have it all together, the ones society respected. He walks with and shares meals with a humble band of misfits. This is God in human form, and he's choosing to hang out with people who denied and doubted him.

I don't know what exactly you believe about God. But this Easter if you find yourself wrestling with the question of what he is actually like, I'd love you to consider Jesus as the answer to that question.

If you wonder if God really loves you – despite what you struggle with or get wrong – look at Jesus washing the feet of the man who betrays him. Look at Jesus on the Cross asking his Father to forgive the people who demanded his death. Look at Jesus seeking the company of those who had denied and doubted Him.

Jesus said if you'd seen him, you'd seen the Father. And that's incredibly good news. There is nothing you have done, are currently doing, or will ever do that can stop him from loving you. He is good. You can trust Him. He loves you. He wants you.

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