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Even Celebs need Prayer Featured

All the links for our show for Tuesday, 12th March 2019!

Interesting things we talked about...


Prayer for those in the public eye

Being in the Limelight has its pressures - so it is refreshing to see Justin Bieber reaching out for prayer

Celebrities are human too and it must be tough when their dirty laundry is aired in front of the world. Good on you Bieber for asking for Prayer from your fans. We know that prayer works! Read more here

Fancy feast at the Hangi Cafe?

ep7 hangi

Downtown Auckland has a cafe called "The Maor Kitchen" and Joy wants to try the goods...


In the not too distant future, a hāngi pit will be steaming seven days a week, twice daily, on Auckland's main wharf. Television chef Rewi Spraggon plans to build an above ground pit for his just opened cafe, The Māori Kitchen. Read full article here 


What happens in one Earth-Minute?

Every 60 seconds 1 million people log into facebook. There are some compelling statistics. Dan is giving up some social media time and netflix in favour of more time with God. He isn't surprised that thousands of hours worldwide are spent engaigin in online activity. Click on the pic below to read the link for yourself...

what happens every minute online

March that Mountain:

Joy is currently training for the Tongariro tramp. She attempted to cycle up the hill to Rhema yesterday- but she didnt quite make it. We're cheering for you Joy!


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 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. | John 10.11 (CSB)

 He cares for us, He feeds us, He prepares us and protects us. A shepherd should always do those things, but there is something that the Good Shepherd does which no other shepherd can do. In John 10:17, Jesus says that the Father loves Him because He lays down His life, only to take it up again. Jesus died in order to live forevermore

Jesus contrasts Himself to a hired hand. A hired hand is someone who does not own the sheep. He works for the owner of the sheep. He is not invested personally in the sheep. He will watch the sheep and care for the sheep until danger comes to him. When the wolf attacks, the hired hand isn’t going to wait around to fend off a wolf with a shepherd’s staff. He might lose; he might get hurt or even killed. His life isn’t worth giving up for a few dozen animals.

john 10 verse 11

Today's verse is brought to you by the Bible society.

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