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Love Can Make You Climb Mountains Featured

All the links for our show for Tuesday, 12th February 2019!

Interesting things we talked about:

It is Marriage week here at Rhema and we love hearing your stories about how you met your significant other and the wonderful things that God has brought you to since.

We loved hearing from people like Kerry "I wasn't a Christian when I meet my now husband (Graham). He was a bus driver and was working for birkenhead buses when we met. He led me to the Lord on the bus and invited me to what was West City Christian Centre..., we were married at birkenhead community church 20 yrs ago..." and

From Karen " ...At High School in 1971. I decided that he looked good and had sincere eyes. I told a few friends who told him (of course!). Next time I saw him I was so embarrassed that I turned around and walked the other way. Undeterred he rang me and invited me to his great aunts 70th birthday celebration. Married in 1975. Four great kids and seven grandkids later, we still smile about that first sight!

Real people and real love stories that warm our hearts here. So many wonderful stories have been shared on our facebook page.

On reaching new heights:

Joy's boyfriend of a year Rohan has convinced her to join his group of friends to do something she never would have without his support...

She says "I've been booked in to do Mount Tongariro at the end of April with 10 other people. All of them are hardcore outdoorsy people and I'm really nervous about holding the team back." She's got 70 days to get ready for it. We know she can do it, Rohan does too and he's convinced her. Now she has to follow through. We have a sneaky supsicion the next few weeks are going to be interesting.

The Grammy's:


We are SO proud of our Rhema Artists who have cleaned up at the Grammy's. A big congratulations to Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin for winning 'Best Gospel Performance/Song winner' with her song  "Never Alone" as well as taking Best Gospel Album with 'Hiding Place'.

The lovely Lauren Daigle, along with songwriters Jason Ingram & Paul Mabury, took out 'Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song' with  "You Say" and we agree it is such a fantastic song. We love that what God says about us is being elevated in the msuic industry despite other messages out there.

And again Lauren had a very succesful year also winning 'Best Contemporary Christian Music Album' with 'Look Up Child'you go girl!!

Check out this clip

Did you know that ...

 Rhema Facebook: 

We are playing an exciting new game tomorrow and perhaps you could play it too next week. Stay tuned to find out how Joy and Kat score when put to the test...

 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

phil 1 v 6

From Philippians Chapter 1 Verse 6, ESV: "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."

It seems like no matter what I do I can’t escape sin or get past my own brokenness and mess. Even when things are good there always seems to be something else I need to fix or get better at.

But we must learn to trust God in his plan for our journey to being more Christlike. And we may not be super perfect today at this moment (or ever) but perhaps today you're better with something (e.g. money or being patient with people) now than you were a few years back?

Or you've learnt to listen better? Or maybe you've started serving others more?

Though we may not see it now, we need to trust that through God we will experience freedom from our sin and healing from our wounds and that he is not finished with us yet. In fact, when we become a Christian the journey is just beginning.

 Today’s verse is brought to you by the Bible Society.

 Ever wished the Bible came with a field manual? Well, it’s here! The Field Guide to the Bible will help you make some sense of what can be a challenging book. Check out more at



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