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Coincidence or Divine appointment? Read Joy's Story Featured

All the things we talked about on Sept 14 2018

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Random things we Talked About 

Joy's Story:

I was thirsty, I was tired, I had stuff to do and the lady in front of me was taking FOREVER to decide what she wanted to order. 

Feeling rather annoyed I asked her "Hey can I order while you decide, I already know what I'm going to get"

"Um.. yeah sure" she said, obviously embarassed. 

Feeling a bit guilty for my lack of patience, I tried to strike up a conversation as we waited for our orders  "There's a lot to choose from!" I said, "What did you end up getting?"

"Umm.." she said as she wringed her fingers uncomfortably "Blueberry I think" 

Then she looked up at me, and apologised "Sorry I'm a bit all over the place. It's been a bad day"

Her voice cracked on the last word, and I suddenly noticed things about her I didn't see before. Her red rimmed eyes, the tissues clutched in her hand, faint streaks of macara down her face. 

I had a lot of things to get done yesterday evening, and I'm no saint, but I felt God say to me "Don't ignore her" 

We ended up chatting for about 45min. I got the chance to pray for her and tell her about our radio stations. 

I pause and think about the series of events that must have taken place so that we could have been there at the same time, and it reminds me how loving God is.

How much God cares for her, and how humbled I am to be part His plan to show her she's loved. And to think I was so wrapped up in my own agenda that I almost missed this moment!

Coincidence that we happened to meet? Nah - definitly a Divine Appointment. 

- Joy 


Tori Kelly sings a beautiful song based on Ps 42


Your Rhema Verse of the Day 

Live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.

—1 Peter 3:8

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