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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Leanne H says,

Pls pray I will hv love4Him&others in my life, Im battling addiction- healing4my poor-now adult-children- AND NOW TOO my 75yo mum stage4cancer is in next room with a neg. attitude2Him-she be softened

Jonathan says,

Please pray that God guides me into the right career choice and the right course to be taken at University

Liz says,

Please can you pray healing for my little grandson Oliver who has been rushed to hospital with bleeding. He had tonsils out a week ago but not doing well.

Mele says,

Please pray for my 5yrs old son he is sick. Please pray for miracle. Thank you.

Anonymous says,

Please pray for a new job closet to home and in a healthier happier environment.

Sharlene says,

Please pray for my daughter, her partner and thei 11 month old daughter. They are about to separate and it is heartbreaking to think of this wee family unit falling apart. They are great parents.

Anna says,

I never thought that the damage in my heart, my soul and my life is that big. I forgot everything even myself. And now is the time for me to rise and love myself and my family again. Guide us Oh Lord.

Stacy Rikona says,

Break drug, alcohol addictions of my family, family in prison, wisdom for us, the fruit of the spirit to grow more and more each day. For the homeless, for our countries, for the world in JESUS name!!

thomas says,

please prey from me and my lust problem and family issues at the moment may my lord jesus guide through the storms in jesus name amen!

Michele says,

Please pray for my mom Ann who has esophagus cancer. Please pray for death to every cancer cell in her body will decrease and not increase, that they will shrivel up and die in Jesus name

Annoymous says,

Pray for J-zee rapper he said Jesus is fake & he is folliwing lucifer😣 Cheers

Annoymous says,

That Pauls will get accomodation affordable with her cat. Even a sleepout attched to a house ok. Need a garage also to store some of my things Cheers

Janine says,

Second prayer. My nana is going threw a really tough time with her health. She was supposed to get a hip replacement by Xmas but got bumped from the list.

Janine Bradley says,

First prayer. Is for my 8yr old daughter Breanna she is self harming.

marie grace says,

Thank you for your prayer. It has been tough here, but today we leave. Please pray that all will go well with the move and that we will be safe and ok at the new place. We are deeply exhausted and I am in shock. Thank you again and God bless

Susan Francis says,

Please pray for Abraham for job. Pray till he gets a job.

Bonnie Spell says,

Pray for my Pastor who has cluster headaches. Pray for me to find cheaper apartment. Pray for my brother to give me all of the money he said he would give me.

leanne says,

Lord please help bring my Mums blood pressure to come down from very high and that the new tablets will work and to heal her kindney. Thank you prayer warriors!

Alexandr says,

Lord Heal me from my deasers

mary says,

Thanks to Dr Ekaka. My son has finally be released from the case of social service with the prayer and help of Dr Ekaka, His whatsapp. +447596927164

Uchechukwu says,

please pray for me to be free from porn and masturbation addiction. It is really ruining my life

Paul says,

Please pray against the forces of evil over Christchurch

Anne says,

Please pray for the government, just heard that Trevor Mallard want to get rid of Jesus and the Queen from the government, and would like to stop prayer from the begining of parliament

Rex says,

Oh Lord, I pray for restoring the relationship between my wife and my parents. Your command shall go now...

Frances says,

Lord, I want my grandchildren to teach their children abouf you as I taught their parents. Grant me wisdom to broach this touchy subject to them as their husbands are of different religions.

Susan Francis says,

Please remember Abraham as he is seeking a job. Since so many years he is applying for jobs.

Mele says,

Please pray for my family and I. So many problems and I dont know what to do.

Mele says,

Hi please pray for me and my family. So many problems and I dont know what to do. Thank you.

Paul says,

Needing prayer for God to please answer his prayers, also needing strength for everyday. Also needing direction for where God needs to use him

Kaleena says,

Lord Jesus please help me decide whether to withdraw from the certificate and focus on work to save up the money to pay for school next year. Please allow me to get a degree Lord God. I’m begging you

Sam Fruean says,

Jesus i declare your healing upon my dads shoulder in the name of JESUS. Amen

Jidechukwu say says,

God please give me wisdom and patience,expose me to mydestiny through christ our Lord.Amen

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my family. My parents got married 20+ years ago and have been on-off ever since. Now its reached boiling point and I have upcoming exams. I hope that my family can stay intact. Thanks

Lilly says,

Please pray for restoration in relationship between me and Andrew. Thanks.

Maria - Taupo says,

My sister Trishy is in a lot of pain .... she’s on morfene medication.... please pray for miracle. Thank you

Maria Mendes says,

My sister Trishy in Kaitaia suffers with a very severe nerve condition that she cannot live without very strong pain killers.she is on medication like morfene, I’m praying for a miracle thank you 😊

Payal says,

Dear Lord !! Have mercy, please heal my mother (Neena Malik) her WBC counts are increasing in blood please help her. Please reduce her WBC count in her blood. Please kill all her cancer cells.

Anna says,

I hope nothing bad will happen.No one can hurt me again or push me into that life again. Im building my blocks from them. Whatever it is that is coming in my way I hope YOU will be there to guide me.

Anna says,

Hi Lord, please make me peaceful, forgive and forget all the bad things that other people did to me. I am so thankful that I can now look at them. Help me Oh lord.

Clint says,

I need pray to meet Cambodian Christian in Auckland, also I need pray regarding my place that i stay i have no freedom been hold as a prisoner that i have no right and no space

lizzie says,

My cousin Carol who had a huge stroke a few months back. Currently in Rehab, but no speech and limited mobility. Praying God will invade her world and her heart and restore 100% heal in Jesus name.

Death says,

3 ppl i 💖 dearly passed away this year its ben a very hard yr pls pray that the LORD well hear my prayers an cry. An that my promises well come to pass for me soon thnx

Lavinia says,

Please pray for my family, that they may all give their lives to Please pray for my family, that they will come to know the love of Jesus, and his offer of salvation to each of the. Amen

katrina gera says,

please protect my grand daughter and may she be returned to my son tonight. let Kamis Mum see she is breaking the law and harming her daughter please intervene Lord, Your will be done thankyou

Anne C says,

Please Lord help my loan application be successful so that I can pay for my school fees. May the finance company lend me the money and help me succeed in the Certificate I’m enrolled into. Please Lord

Anne C says,

Lord God please provide me with financial support to fund my schooling as the programme starts on Tuesday and I have yet to pay my fees. Please provide a way for me to continue with uni

Lana says,

Could you please pray for my son Ilya (18) he is doing drugs, smoking, drinking, parting, stopped to go to the church Could you please pray for my son Sam(23) he is drifting, drinking every day

Anon. says,

A dear lady, Renae, is suffering so much due to a sudden major change in her life, and for her young son too. Please pray for her and help ease her despair and confusion. Thank you. Amen.

Valerie says,

Please pray for my family. I worry about the future as the past has been tough, filled with exhaustion, pain and heartache. I would like peace for us all. Blessings. Amen.

wayne hadley says,

please pray for me that god would completely heal me from this throat and sinus condition also deliver me from fear i would aslo love prayer for my son joel who ha been diagnosed with autism thankyou