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Maori in the First World War

Whitiki! Whiti! Whiti! E!: Maori in the First World War is a new book by Monty Soutar.  Whitiki is part of a series on New Zealand and World War 1.  Launched this week author Monty Soutar spoke to Andrew by phone about the book.  


New Show coming to Rhema on Sunday nights

Excited to see an opportunity for conversation coming back to Sunday Nights on Rhema.

Tom and Joy got to talk to Andrew Curtis the host of the Talk Sessions about the new show 7 - 9pm Sunday nights.


Move Your Butt to Beat Bowel Cancer

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness month, and Bowel Cancer New Zealand are challenging kiwis to move their butts during June.  Andrew has decided to take on the challenge.  Both Andrew and Diane spoke with Bowel Cancer New Zealand Communications Manager Mary Bradley about what this involves.  


Reaching People through Apologetics

Mark Powell is well known to kiwis having formerly been the CEO of the Warehouse Group.  As well as his business background he is also a qualified pastor and speaks regularly in churches around the area of apologetics.  Mark spoke with Andrew about his passion for apologetics.


Brendan Malone

Brendan Malone has been working on issues around pro-life, marriage and family ministry for over 14 years.  As Director of LifeNET NZ he speaks to students and at conferences across NZ and Australia.  This weekend he is part of the line up for the conference Confident Christianity.  He joined Andrew by phone talking about how to talk with others around more sensitive issues.


Family on a Mission

Alastair Hansen and his family are off on a mission.  The family of four are joining with Operation Mobilisation Hungary as part of their sports outreach team.  Alastair joined Andrew by phone to talk about what lays ahead.


Winter Gardening

From planting fruit trees, to asparagus, and strawberries, there is still much gardening to be done over winter, as Diane discovered after talking with Sarah the Gardener!


Stuart McAllister

Speaking courageously around issues of faith is a passion for Stuart McAllister, the keynote speaker for the upcoming conference 'Confident Christianity'.  As the Global Support Specialist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Stuart spoke to Andrew about his own faith journey, Ravi Zacharias Ministries and the upcoming conference.


40 Hour Famine

World Vision's 40 Hour Famine is coming up this weekend, raising money for programs in South Sudan.  CEO of World Vision NZ Grant Bayldon, joined Andrew in studio to talk about this years famine.


The Wellbeing Budget - the economic perspective

New Zealand economist Ganesh Nana joined Andrew by phone to talk about the announcement of the Wellbeing Budget. 

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