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No One Ever Stands Alone

No One Ever Stands Alone (NESA) is a charity dedicated to creating awareness around the effects of drink and drugged driving, as well as supporting the victims of drink and drugged driving accidents.  Founder Leah Abrams joined Andrew in the studio to talk about the charity and what they're up to in the lead up to Christmas.


Volunteering for Leadev-Langham

Jenni and Keith Bedford have recently returned from Sri Lanka after a month of teaching English to adult Bible College students. The pair were volunteering for the mission organisation LeaDev Langham. Jenni joined Diane in the studio to talk about her experiences.


Reflecting on 2018

Tanya Unkovich talked with Andrew about the importance of reflecting back on the 2018, as the year comes to an end.


Love is a gift

Many people will be remembering loved ones who won't be with them at this time of year. This is a powerful short film put together by filmaker, producer and cinematographer Phil Beastal.


By Bible, Hammer and Compass

 “By Bible Hammer & Compass” is the new book following the adventures of William and James Puckey who served as missionaries, carpenters and mariners in early New Zealand history.  Adrienne Puckey is not only the author of this book but also the great grand-daughter of William Puckey.  Adrienne talked to Andrew by phone about this story.


Cumulative Stress

In her series on Mental Wellness Julia Grace talks with Andrew about how sometimes its the small worries and commitments in life that can add up to us feeling stressed.  


Really Good Gifts

Wanting to know what to give for Christmas?  Perhaps this year may be the year to give a  'Really Good Gift'.  These gifts helps someone affected by leprosy to defeat the disease. To talk more about the positive impact that these gifts make is Leprosy Missions Sarita Divis,

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