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Dan 6:00-12:00pm

Listen Again

Penpals and Letter Writing

Di talks about the dying art of letter writing and penpals.


Weekend Treats

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with one of your favourite recipes for Weekend Treats at 8.45am every Friday.


George and Andrew Chat to 'Faith Like Potatoes' Star

South African actor Frank Rautenbach is best known for starring in the movie ‘Faith Like Potatoes’. He’s in New Zealand at the moment on the ‘Life After Faith Like Potatoes’ tour with TEARFund. He chats with George and Andrew about fame, failure and faith.


Malcolm Gordon's New Project

Malcolm Gordon has a new album out and it is something rather different than he has done before. In fact one of the songs has been picked up to raise support and awareness of Family Works. This is an independent charitable organisation that provides 15,200 New Zealand children and their families, who are at risk of family violence and conflict, with counselling, support and training every year. Hear the songs and the stories behind them this week.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown, Friday Nights at 11 on Life FM and Saturdays Nights at 6 on New Zealand’s Rhema



Alex Snary from World Vision

Alex is World Vision’s National Director for Israel, West Bank, and Gaza. He has worked in the region since 2009 and is heading up World Vision’s relief effort in war-torn Gaza. 



Luke Chats With Malcolm Gordon

NZ singer and songwriter Malcolm Gordon chats with Luke about his news album The Cobblers Grandson.



Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why do bad things happen to good people - and how do we reconcile this fact with our faith in a God who loves us? Rev Frank Ritchie from TEARFund talks with George & Andrew about lessons from the book of Job.



Check out Franks blog and TEAR Fund


Luke's Bringing Back Singing Telegrams

Luke was talking about obsolete jobs on the show this morning, when Pam texted in and said she’d like to see singing telegrams back….this was all the inspiration Luke needed.


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