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Prayer Answered for Pashtun People

A Christian radio station broadcasting to the Pashtun people has been revived through the power of prayer.

For more information, visit ASSIST News


Heroic Pakistani Teen Wins Nobel Prize

Malala Yousafzai, the teenager who was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen for campaigning for girls' education in 2012, has jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Rosemary's Devotions

February 20th
‘The surprising reward of humility’ – Written by Greg Laurie.

February 19th
‘A heart of fleash’ – Let God soften your heart so you can be sensative to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Written by Joyce Meyer.

February 18th
Receive Mercy – Take responsibility for your sin and repent, ask God for forgiveness and enjoy His mercy and love all day. Written by Joyce Meyer, from her book ‘Starting your day right’.

February 16th
The God-shaped hole inside you – that only He can fill. Written by Joyce Meyer.

February 13th
‘Stay safe in the word’ – Hearing from God clearly and avoiding the possibility of deception, comes only from spending regular time with Him, learning His word. Written by Joyce Meyer.

February 12th
‘Are you not worth much more than they? – God will take care of you. Written by Joyce Meyer.

February 11th
“A new level of commitment’ – God wants to take you t a new level of commitment. Written by Joyce Meyer from her book: ‘The power of being thankful’

February 10th
‘Pleasant words, healing words’ – If our words are good and uplifting they encourage others and us. Written by Joyce Meyer. From her book: Battlefield of the mind’ devotional.

February 9th
The Paraclete – the Holy Spirit, who will guide you into all truth. Written by Joyce Meyer, from her book: Ending Your Day Right.

February 6th
Accountability – Make right choices, so you will have a right result. Written by Joyce Meyer

February 5th
“Don’t worry, take your needs to God in prayer…” Written by Joyce Meyer, from her book: Love out loud.

February 4th
‘In the deep end’ – while you may feel overwhelmed and out of your depth in a situation, rest assured that God is never out of His depth and cares for you. Written by Joyce Meyer

February 3rd
‘He will tell you what’s ahead’ – Part of the Holy Spirits ministry is to tell us things to come. Written by Joyce Meyer

February 2nd
‘Joyful in every circumstance’ – don’t let others moods effect you. Written by Joyce Meyer.

January 30
‘Stand strong against the adversary’ - Written by Joyce Meyer

January 29
‘Crowded Out’ – Don’t let the cares, riches and pleasures of life choke out your spiritual growth. Written by Joyce Meyer

January 28
‘A Vision of heaven’ – Heaven is beyond our comprehension. Written by Greg Laurie

January 22
‘You are prewired for hope’ – the hope of heaven. Written by Greg Laurie

January 21
‘The thing about love’ – If you want more love in your life, don’t wait to feel love, just start doing loving things. By Greg Laurie

January 20
‘A co-operative effort’- God wants to do a work in you, but He is also looking for your co-operation. By Greg Laurie

Extra ‘Be assured, God has not forgotten you’. Written by Joyce Meyer

January 19
March ‘What God can do’ – only God can truly transform your life. Written by Greg Laurie

January 12

December 19
‘God knows’ – You cannot have true love, joy, hope or peace without believing in god and His Promises. Written by Joyce Meyer, from her book ‘Love out Loud”

December 18
‘God’s Royal Seal’ – What does the Bible mean when it says that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit? Written by Greg Laurie.

December 17
‘Make it personal’ – He wants to have a personal relationship with you.

December 16

December 15
‘Letting the Holy Spirit Work’ – Written by Greg Laurie

December 12
‘The key to your future is hope’ – The importance of having ‘hope’ for your emotional, physical and mental health. Written by Joyce Meyer

December 11
“Believe in Prayer’ – Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Written by Joyce Meyer, from her book: Power Thoughts Devotional

December 10
‘Through the storm’ – Jesus was there to see them through. Written by Greg Laurie

December 9
‘Let God be God’ – stop worrying and place your trust in God. Written by Joyce Meyer.

December 8
‘He wants to be involved in everything in your life’ – Written by Joyce Meyer.

December 5
‘With the end in mind’ – the seeds we sow today will be reaped in the years to come. Written by Greg Laurie

December 4
‘An Inheritance of Peace’ – Ask for and receive your inheritance tonight. Written by Joyce Meyer

December 3
‘What causes content?’: Four things we must eliminate from our lives in order to be content - Joyce Meyer

December 2
‘Your attitude speaks for you’: You don’t always have to verbalize your thoughts for people to see them - Joyce Meyer

December 1
‘Speak Truth’: People pleasing behavior often leads people to tell lies, because they fear people won’t accept the truth - Joyce Meyer

November 28
‘You can’t catch Holiness’: it has to be chosen on purpose - Joyce Meyer, from her book, ‘New Day New You’

November 27
‘Step by step’: Entrust your life to His good hands and His great wisdom and He will lead you step by step - Greg Laurie

November 26
‘Falling into heaven’: To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord - Greg Laurie

November 25

‘Don’t look back’ – Put the past behind you and move forward.

November 24
‘Just throw the net’ – sometimes when you share your faith, you don’t think you’re getting through. But you never know.

November 21
‘First believe then achieve’: The way to achieve is first to believe. - Joyce Meyer, from her book ‘Love Out Loud’

November 20
‘Press on’: God wants to do something fresh in your life today - Greg Laurie

November 19
‘What to do When Trouble Comes’ – Joyce Meyer, from her book 'New Day, New You'

November 18
‘Seeds and weeds’: How can you tell who the true converts are? - Pastor Greg Laurie


November 17
Enjoying life like a child: Joy is available to you if you know how to tap into it - Joyce Meyer

November 7
‘Talk to God anywhere’ – Joyce Meyer, from her book 'Start Your Day Right'

November 6
‘Selective hearing’ – Joyce Meyer

November 5
'Be Led by the spirit' – Joyce Meyer

November 4
God's love for us is unconditional. He wants his love to flow through us to others.

November 3
'When the time is right, the Son will return to this earth’ – Greg Laurie

October 30
'A Kind Reward’ – Joyce Meyer

October 29
'Speak Positively' – Joyce Meyer

October 27
'Start Strong, Finish Well' – Joyce Meyer

October 24
'Keep your eyes fixed on Him' – Greg Laurie

October 23
God offers you peace that is beyond any human explanation.

October 22
Let heaven fill your thoughts, because when you do, everything on earth gets placed in its proper perspective.

October 21
We all know what it’s like to be tempted. But where does temptation come from?

October 20
'The Why Behind the What - Making sure your motives are pure and right before God' - Joyce Meyer

October 17
The devil tries to tell us we can't be like God; but the Bible says God has shared His divine nature with us. 

October 16
God will complete the work He has begun in your life.

October 15
Having a strong focus helps you to prioritize everything else.

October 14
God will complete the work He has begun in your life.




New Music

New Music This week on Homegrown we are chatting with a couple of new up and coming artists including flawless a gospel rapper out of Christchurch.

Plus staying in that area how bout we feature a bunch of other artists who are new-ish to Homegrown such as Nakita Turner, The Latest Fallout and Little Oceans.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown, Saturdays Nights at 6 on New Zealand’s Rhema.



This week on Homegrown we are chatting with Mike and Sam from [Shift] about their hot new album The Traveller.

The album is out next weekend and on the following weekend they will be doing an album launch show, so check out their website for more details,  and make sure you catch all the good tunes on this week’s show.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown, Saturdays Nights at 6 on New Zealand’s Rhema.


Shortland Street Star 'Lives Below the Line'

Leanne chats to Ria Vandervis, who plays Dr Harper Whitley on 'Shortland St', about living on $2.25 a day in support of Oxfam.


Goodbye Jared Noel

Jared Noel battled cancer for five years and died peacefully on Wednesday 8th October. He wrote about his struggles in a blog, which has been made into a book primarily intended as an accurate account for his daughter Elise to understand his life, and secondarily for those who may be interested in exploring the highs and lows that someone might go through when diagnosed with cancer.

If you want to view the live video stream of the funeral click here.

Click here to go to Jared's blog

Former Rhema News journalist Allan Lee chatted with Jared in 2010 when he was first diagnosed, watch his inspiring story how his faith gave him strength.


Cathy's Leprosy Mission Diaries

Cathy checks in with what she's getting up to on her trip to India with Leprosy Mission NZ.

Friday 10 October

Cathy meets young students from families who have been affected by leprosy - The Leprosy Mission puts them through training programmes and then puts them into the workforce so that they're able to support their families. She also visits some of the community projects The Leprosy Mission is involved with.

Thursday 9 October

Cathy's at the Leprosy Mission's hospital and has a taste of what they do at the coal-face. She also meets Nutan who has had successful surgery and is on the road to recovery. 

Wednesday 8 October:

Cathy visits two 16-year-olds that have been cared for and healed of leprosy. 

Tuesday 7 October:

Now in the North East of India, Cathy has a taste of being the tourist attraction with her European skin. She also talks of visiting the Taj Mahal and the Leprosy Mission HQ. 

Monday 6 October:

Cathy has just arrived and shares her first impressions.

Time to hit the road, check out where she's off to next.






Young Shia Muslim Leader Pledges to Join Ambassadors for Peace

Young Shia Muslim leader, Muhammad Hadi Yahya, says he's 'sick' of all the killings; and has pledged his support for the Ambassadors for Peace campaign for religious tolerance worldwide. 

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