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Listen Again

God's power revealed in an upcoming documentary

Christian Little experienced Gods power and healing after a dramatic biking accident.  Wanting to share her story through film she is now in the process of putting together a mountain bike documentary to encourage and inspire others in their walk with God.  Christian talked with Diane about her incredible story.


Prayer on the Day of Social Justice

Coming up next Wednesday is the United Nations Day of Social Justice.  In conjunction with the day the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services is joining together with churches and church social service agencies in joint worship and prayer focusing on the poor and marginalised.


Are You Well? Are You Safe?

The Salvation Army’s 2019 State of the Nation Report has been released showing that progress in the reduction of social and economic inequalities has stalled.  The report entitled 'Are You Well? Are We Safe?' looks at the differences between those who 'have' compared to the 'have nots'.  Report author Alan Johnson spoke with Andrew about the findings. 


Becoming Someone is Better than Finding Someone

All the links for our show for Wednesday, 13th February 2019!

Interesting things we talked about:


Stuck in a jam? Well apparently you are not alone on this. The list of the worst-affected countries (by traffic that is) has come out. It turns out American commuters for example spent an average of 97 hours last year stuck in traffic at an average cost of $1,348 USD per motorist.  You can read more here

Fortunately you can tune in to hear us on your morning commute or for some other ideas on how you can reclaim your commute, click on this picture below to read a great list of ideas;

traffic jam

We love reading about how God can turn tragedy into triumph in people's lives. We have heard so many incredible testimonies. This story about Derek Amato caught our eye.  I've been a Christian all my life, but this has deepened my faith,” he said.

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Whether you are in a relationship or not, God calls us to seek him first. So how about this Valentines day you spend some quality time with the one who loves you more than anything else, enough to give his life for?

 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

proverbs 11 v 13

The thing about gossip, is that to the people gossiping it seems harmless, but to the person they're gossiping about it can completely shatter their lives.  I remember when I was younger, a nasty rumour spread around about a young woman at our small group.  This rumour got out of control and in the end she left.  That was the first time I realised how damaging gossip can be – because it erodes trust and can ruin someone's reputation. So if someone has shared something personal with you, pray about it and think twice before you share it. 

Let's reflect on Eleanor Roosevelt's quote:

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Let's make sure the words we speak do not go unchecked but rather are God inspired and thoughtful.

 Today’s verse is brought to you by the Bible Society.

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Fairfield Conference

The Fairfield Conference is coming up in March.  The conference explores different areas of ethical trading and social justice.  Dr Susan Maiava is the conference host and she joined Andrew in studio to talk about this upcoming event.


The Choice – Edith Egar

I read this great book over the summer, it combines two interests of mine - psychology and WW2.

Dr. Edith Eger is one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors and tells her story of being sent to Auschwitz at the age of 16yrs. She is finally freed, with a broken back and a broken spirit. Now what? The “now what” is the crux of “The Choice.”

She survived unimaginable horrors and brutality, but rather than let her painful past destroy her, she chose to transform it into a powerful gift – one she uses to help others heal. She earns her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and learns how to face her emotions without blaming others which enables her to empathize with her patients who struggle with taking responsibility for themselves. 




Love Can Make You Climb Mountains

All the links for our show for Tuesday, 12th February 2019!

Interesting things we talked about:

It is Marriage week here at Rhema and we love hearing your stories about how you met your significant other and the wonderful things that God has brought you to since.

We loved hearing from people like Kerry "I wasn't a Christian when I meet my now husband (Graham). He was a bus driver and was working for birkenhead buses when we met. He led me to the Lord on the bus and invited me to what was West City Christian Centre..., we were married at birkenhead community church 20 yrs ago..." and

From Karen " ...At High School in 1971. I decided that he looked good and had sincere eyes. I told a few friends who told him (of course!). Next time I saw him I was so embarrassed that I turned around and walked the other way. Undeterred he rang me and invited me to his great aunts 70th birthday celebration. Married in 1975. Four great kids and seven grandkids later, we still smile about that first sight!

Real people and real love stories that warm our hearts here. So many wonderful stories have been shared on our facebook page.

On reaching new heights:

Joy's boyfriend of a year Rohan has convinced her to join his group of friends to do something she never would have without his support...

She says "I've been booked in to do Mount Tongariro at the end of April with 10 other people. All of them are hardcore outdoorsy people and I'm really nervous about holding the team back." She's got 70 days to get ready for it. We know she can do it, Rohan does too and he's convinced her. Now she has to follow through. We have a sneaky supsicion the next few weeks are going to be interesting.

The Grammy's:


We are SO proud of our Rhema Artists who have cleaned up at the Grammy's. A big congratulations to Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin for winning 'Best Gospel Performance/Song winner' with her song  "Never Alone" as well as taking Best Gospel Album with 'Hiding Place'.

The lovely Lauren Daigle, along with songwriters Jason Ingram & Paul Mabury, took out 'Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song' with  "You Say" and we agree it is such a fantastic song. We love that what God says about us is being elevated in the msuic industry despite other messages out there.

And again Lauren had a very succesful year also winning 'Best Contemporary Christian Music Album' with 'Look Up Child'you go girl!!

Check out this clip

Did you know that ...

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We are playing an exciting new game tomorrow and perhaps you could play it too next week. Stay tuned to find out how Joy and Kat score when put to the test...

 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

phil 1 v 6

From Philippians Chapter 1 Verse 6, ESV: "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."

It seems like no matter what I do I can’t escape sin or get past my own brokenness and mess. Even when things are good there always seems to be something else I need to fix or get better at.

But we must learn to trust God in his plan for our journey to being more Christlike. And we may not be super perfect today at this moment (or ever) but perhaps today you're better with something (e.g. money or being patient with people) now than you were a few years back?

Or you've learnt to listen better? Or maybe you've started serving others more?

Though we may not see it now, we need to trust that through God we will experience freedom from our sin and healing from our wounds and that he is not finished with us yet. In fact, when we become a Christian the journey is just beginning.

 Today’s verse is brought to you by the Bible Society.

 Ever wished the Bible came with a field manual? Well, it’s here! The Field Guide to the Bible will help you make some sense of what can be a challenging book. Check out more at




Tracey Elliot-Reep

Tracey Elliot-Reep is an author,  photographer and horse rider.  Growing up in Dartmoor in the south west of England, her faith in God and her love of horses, adventure and photography has taken her to many places in the world.  Tracey spoke to Diane about her adventures and her current tour of New Zealand.  For tour details click here


Weekend to Remember

A Weekend to Remember Getaway is a marriage conference giving couples the opportunity to reconnect, and to rekindle romance.  Diane caught up with Nikki Bray from Family Life New Zealand about the conference and their giveaway to the Auckland conference.



Love is Laundry

All the links for our show for Monday, 11th February 2019!

Interesting things we talked about:

It is Marriage week here at Rhema and we are celebrating all things romantic. Wives, do you agree that there is nothing sweeter than coming home to a husband helping with the laundry and seeing a nicely folded stack of clothes? Amen! Although for some couples equal domestic duties may not be the case. We found this crazy article here  about a loving gesture turned funky...


The "Rhema Breakfast Break Buster":

We dared ourselves to match For King and Country's 7min challenge and the results were entertaining! In a two-song break so approximately seven minutes we had to see what we could do or how far away from the studio we could get and be back in time to make sure there was no 'dead air'. Dan got himself a long black from the local, Joy baked a chocolate mud mug-cake and Producer Kat sprinted to the Portuguese bakery 'Nata' to bring back some brigadeiro, tarts and fudge. Dan ran had plenty of time to spare, Joy came back with a minute or two, and Kat well- she tried- but came back 10 secs late! Good thing the team had it sussed- so we had a 66 percent success rate. This has left us with a hunger to get back in the game and have all  three of us back next time! Plus we were sent so many ideas from listeners (and we welcome more) so it would be rude not to try some more of them right?

 See our Facebook clip here:

Did you know that bees are budding mathematicians? Well that might be an overstatement, but studies have found that these clever insects not only know how to make honey but can be taught how to add and subtract and a thing or two. Read more here about this interesting study. Isn't God's creation just marvellous!?!


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 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

Join Our 7-Day Devotional: Who Do You Put Your Trust In?

Would you read the Bible plan, Trust, with me?

Psalm 37 verse 25 to 26

 Scripture: “I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread. He is ever lending generously, and his children become a blessing.”  From Psalm 37:25-26

Devotional: We serve a God who abundantly provides for us everything we could ever need. But if we compare 'everything we need' to what the world tells us we need, or what the world says success/wealth is... we may find ourselves losing our trust in God. 

A large part of trusting God in the area of provision is aligning your desires with his. Trust that he will provide the absolute best life you can live. Whether or not he provides abundantly in the eyes of the world, does not matter

Stop looking to the world for examples of what your life should look like and seek his will above all else. Look to loving him and being loved by him as the best thing in life and all else will fall into place. 

Today’s verse is brought to you by Bible Society.

 Ever wished the Bible came with a field manual? Well, it’s here! The Field Guide to the Bible will help you make some sense of what can be a challenging book. Check out more at

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