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Climate Change

People living in poverty contribute least to the problem of climate change; but they are the ones hit first and hardest by its devastating effects.
Around the world Tearfund and our partners work alongside communities living in poverty battling the impacts of changes to their environment. Climate change and natural disasters destroy belongings and livelihoods; disease becomes more prevalent during heatwaves, floods, or droughts; crops fail because of reduced rainfall; and food prices soar following extreme weather events.


Post-Natal Depression

As many as one in five expecting or new mums suffer from depression in New Zealand, and the issue is being highlighted this week for Post-Natal Depression Week. Talking about this issue and around post natal depression exerienced by men is Kristina Paterson, a registered nurse with many years of experience including paediatric nursing and Plunket nursing. She is the founder of Mothers Helpers - an organisation to help mothers under stress.


A Kiwi Camino

The Kiwi Camino is a Kiwi pilgrimage modelled after the Camino de Santiago pilgrimmage, that is specific to the NZ context, its early Christian history and ethos of NZ. It is to provide an opportunity for people to discover an understanding of how pilgrimage enables one to understand at a deeper place the journey of life and faith, how the principles of pilgrimage can touch the ordinary in our everyday lives and how it may be a stimulus to discovering the spiritual journey? Andrew talked with the Project Developer, Geoff Harper.


Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Dr Nabil Costa has been working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon for the Lebanese Baptist Society he talks with Andrew Urquhart about the history of the region and the relationship between the refugees and the people of Lebanon.

You can click the link to see the video about overcoming hatred to help Syrians.



Christians Against Poverty

John Kirkby, is the Founder and International Director of Christians Against Poverty.  CAP was started in 1996.  His own story saw God leading him from his own financial struggle to eventually establishing a charity that helps thousands of people around the world.


The Teenage Brain

Nathan Wallis is a father of three, stepfather to two and foster dad to many.  His background includes teaching, child therapy and neuroscience .  On November the 9th he speaks at the Parenting Place about the teenage brain, Andrew caught up with him.


Bearded Gospel Men

Jared Brock is the author of A Year of Living Prayerfully, and the co-founder of Hope for the Sold, an abolitionist charity that fights human trafficking one word at a time. His latest book is Bearded Gospel Men a devotional he says that men might actually read.


Vicar of Baghdad

Andrew White has had a long career in the Anglican Church, however is probably best known for his time as Vicar at the St George's Church in Baghdad, the only Anglican Church in Iraq.  It was there that he was dubbed the Vicar of Baghdad.  Since his departure was ordered in 2014 by the Archbishop of Canterbury due to security concerns, he has worked in relief and reconciliation work in the Middle East. 



Free Christmas Song From Chris Cope

Plus all the links and extra bits from Holly & Dan for Thursday 9 November.

Free Christmas Song from Chris Cope:

Click here to check out St. Paul's annual Christmas event Alt Carols - including the link to download his version of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" for free (download won't work on your smartphone).

PS Keep Rhema Breakfast on every day to win your free copy of Alt Carols Vol. I - out everywhere this weekend!

Speaking of Christmas...

Holly is loving getting (or making) presents for her friends and family - and pointed to as a great place to get gifts from NZ craft people and artists. Good to get in early, especially if you want to post something kiwi-esque to loved ones overseas. 

BONUS: Here's NZ Post's international Christmas post dates (to make sure everything arrives on time!)


Twitter rolled out its 280 Character update yesterday, and Jamie Grace was excited.

Meanwhile Lecrae didn't need any extra characters to get this message out:

Today's Bible Society Verse of the Day is James 1:12 - "God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him."

What happens to you when I say the word 'test'? Maybe you start getting a little stressed out, palms get a bit sweaty and all you can think about is how much you didn't get to study for it. Sadly, tests are just a part of life, and there's really nothing we can do it about it – but here's the thing, there is some good news.
James says you're blessed with you patiently endure testing and temptation. He goes so far as to call it a promise from God.
There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of nailing a test, and we have to remember too, that in this test, the teacher, God, helps us out, and gave us the answers through his Word, and through his Son.


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Learning Something New In 30 Days

Plus all the links and extra bits from Holly & Dan for Wednesday 8 November.

Learning a new thing in 30 days:

Dan read about a woman who is starting a new hobby or learning a new skill every month this year. So we've all decided to take on learning a new skill for the next month, share our progress over the next few weeks, and we'll showcase our hobby on Friday the 8th of December.

Holly: taking up carpentry and building a birdhouse
Dan: finally learning to play the guitar (after owning one for a decade and never touching it)
Maxene: learning to knit and making herself an epic scarf.

Bonus shout-out to listener Jane who's told us she's joining in, and is going to learn to make cheese in the next few weeks!

Other things we talked about today:

Don't you hate it when you go to McDonalds for an icecream, only to find that the icecream machine is broken? Now there's an app to tell you where the nearest working soft serve machine is.

Wednesday's Would You Rather was a choice between marrying someone who claps at the end of movies or when the plane lands, and marrying someone who eats pizza with a knife and fork every time.

Jane: The pizza eater with knife and fork definitely gets my vote. I do that too! And clapping at the end of a movie? No way! Very embarrassing!
Karen: Definitely someone who claps for the pilot because I'm already married to someone who uses far too many dishes now. Lol. Karen
Jeanne: Morning Dan and Holly, I would rather marry someone who clap instead. It just shows he will be someone who would appreciate good things in life.

Worship Wednesday

Bethel Music's Cory Asbury has released "Reckless Love" - get the single on iTunes now.

Today's Bible Society Verse of the Day is Romans 5:18 - "Yes, Adam's one sin brings condemnation for everyone, but Christ's one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone." 

Guilt can feel like you're carrying round a super heavy backpack. You can feel so worried about someone seeing what's inside and then judging you but because of Jesus you can trade that judgement for forgiveness.
Remember no matter what you've done, no matter what situation you're in you don't have to feel the weight of guilt, of shame or condemnation. Just ask for forgiveness and instead feel the love and embrace of your heavenly father.

Sneaky Preview for tomorrow's show

We've got Chris Cope coming in tomorrow to talk about Alt Carols (an awesome event in Auckland next month) and to showcase his new Christmas tune "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear". If you just can't wait till then...

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