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Red Sprites

Larryn Rae from Shadow and Shade captured an amazing photo over the weekend that's been making headlines all over the place and Nerida got to chat with him.

This photo has Red Sprite's at the top of the image, a rare phenomenon because of its high altitude, milliseconds-long duration and relative dimness compared to lightning. It is an electrical burst that occurs above highly active thunderstorms.

Check out his facebook page for details on workshops.




Community Response to Child Poverty

Ruby Duncan spoke with Andrew Urquhart about issues of child poverty in New Zealand.




Atelier Studio and Gallery

A new art gallery in Nelson hopes to be a hub where art and faith intersect.  Andrew Urquhart spoke to it's cofounder David James.



Understand your Child's Motives

Andrew Urquhart spoke with John Cowan from the Parenting Place about understand the motivation behind your child's behaviour.



Mataraiki is a cluster of stars that rises in mid winter hearlding the start of the Maori New Year.  Diane Campbell caught up with John Rowe from the Stardome Observatory to talk stars and the celebration.




Revive Food!

Diane Campbell caught up with Jeremy Dixon the founder of Revive Cafe and the author of the Revive cookbooks talking faith, food and Frooze balls!  


Disability Sunday

Churches across the country this weekend are taking part in Disability Sunday.  Diane caught up with Kirsty Anderson from Elevate Christian Disability Trust to find out more about this event!


Hawaiin volcano spews out green crystals

All the links for our show for Friday, 15 May 2018!

Random things we talked about:

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano spewing out green crystals

The gross reason you should always use a fresh tea towel


A World Record - 12 Countries, 24 Hours using only Scheduled Transport 



Your Rhema Verse of the Day:


No matter what your passport says, if you are a Christian, there is no earthly country that can hold you, no borders that can claim, you and no flag that flies above you but Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven.


 We are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior.

Phillipians 3:20 


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