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The Euthanasia Debate

NZ First has promised to support a contentious euthanasia bill provided a public referendum is attached. ACT Party leader David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill will have its first reading tonight.The debate is about whether one person should be allowed to intentionally end, or help end, the life of someone else.The ultimate choice would actually lie with the other person, not the person who dies.People can already “choose to die”. They can do so by refusing life support, resuscitation or further medical treatment, or by deliberately ending their own lives (suicide). Andrew talked with Renee Joubert about the issue.


Vintage Caravanning

In recent years all things vintage has seen an explosion, from vintage clothes, décor to caravans.  Don and Marilyn Jessen have been caravanning for over 43 years, and in a new book highlight the recent explosion in popularity of vintage vanning.  Their book is called Vintage and Retro Caravans Downunder and they chatted with Andrew. 


Zach Williams and the Choir

Zach Williams is a chart topping Christian musician, and worship leader.  His debut single Chain Breaker came out in 2016, and since then 'Old Church Choir' has been released.  It was the song Old Church Choir that got us in contact with Zach Williams, Andrew chatted with him recently.

Part one

Part two


Christmas Wobbles

Coming into Christmas can be a tumultuous time for so many people, Julia Grace has always been open about her struggles with depression and chatted with Nerida about getting the wobbles at this time of year and her tips on how to get through it.

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Combining their love for EDM, rock, hip-hop, grunge and pop, the brother/sister duo set to work creating a catalogue of tunes that would both be a catalyst for generating unity with purpose in the body of Christ, and bring a fresh perspective on the sonic possibilities of Christian music. Di talked with Esther-Melody in Nashville.


Budgeting and Christmas

Aimee Mai from CAP talks with Diane about budgeting and Christmas.


What Makes A Drought

Phil Duncan from talks about the dry conditions and what makes a drought.


Battle for Everglade

Author David Powell is a highly accomplished business marketing executive on an international scale and is currently working on a sequel under the UAB Chronicles series title. He talks with Andrew about his first book The Battle For Everglade.


Children's Literacy

New Zealand has recently seen a drop in literacy levels for children.  Dr Libby Limbrick the chair of the Storylines Children's Literature Trust of NZ says that parents can play a major role in their children becoming capable readers which could see a turn around in these international literacy scores, Andrew Urquhart asks Libby why this decrease in literacy has happened...


Reducing Waste

During the festive season New Zealanders generate a whole lot more waste in fact 30 percent more.  There is a massive increase in both packaging and food and drink consumption. The Manager of the Public Place Recycling Scheme from The Packaging Forum Lyn Mayes talked about how we can decrease the amount of stuff given to landfill this Christmas.


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