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At home in God's presence

'Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!...' Psalm 90:1 NLT

At the end of a hard day it feels good to come home to a place you know - a place where you can kick off your shoes, run around in your bathrobe and not worry about what anybody thinks. And reverently speaking, God's presence can become equally comfortable to you too. With time, you can learn to go there for strength, for protection and for guidance. God wants you to be at home in his presence and aware of his nearness at all times. We think of God as a deity to discuss instead of a place to dwell, but God wants us to see him as the one in whom 'we live and move and have our being' (Acts 17:28 NIV).

When God led the children of Israel through the wilderness, he didn't just show up once a day and then disappear. No, the pillar of fire was present with them all night and the cloud of smoke was present with them all day. God never leaves us. Jesus promised, 'I am with you always' (Matthew 28:20 NIV).

The psalmist said, 'The one thing I ask of the Lord - the thing I seek most - is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life' (Psalm 27:4 NLT). 'That's nice,' you say. 'I'd love to live in God's house too, but I'm stuck in the real world.' No, just the opposite; you are just one decision away from your Father's presence. You don't need to change your address - just your perception.

Soulfood: 2 Sam 17:14 - 19:43, Matt 26:26-35, Ps 133, ov 18:17-20


Find the 'key log'

'I thought about my ways.' Psalm 119:59 NKJV

One of the great keys to success in life is having the right approach. But to improve your approach you need to assess where you're starting from. This may take some time. And depending on how self-aware you are, it may even be difficult. The key is to look at yourself objectively, to separate yourself from your attitude. Your goal isn't to condemn yourself; it's to see yourself clearly so you can make positive changes in the way you think.

When professional loggers discover a logjam, they climb a large tree near the river so they can look over the problem and find the cause. What they're looking for is the 'key log' creating the jam. Once they remove that, the river takes care of the rest. An inexperienced person could spend hours, days, even weeks moving logs around without results. The point is you don't necessarily need to change all your thinking - just the few items that keep you from having the right approach to life. Once you do, your life will begin to flow in the right direction.

Here are some questions that may help you discover the 'key log' that's holding you back. How do you feel about yourself? When do you feel the most negative about yourself? What causes you the greatest problems when dealing with others? Insecurity? Resentment? Inferiority? What negative thoughts constantly control your mind? These are important questions, for as a man (or woman) 'thinks in his heart, so is he' (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV). If you want to change your life for the better, ask God to make you aware of what's impacting it for the worse.

Soulfood: Num 9:15-23, Exo 24:15, Matt 17:1-8, Matt 17:1-8


Which 'law' are you operating under

'The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.' Romans 8:2 NKJV

You say, 'I fall so far short of God's standards. Will there ever come a time when my old carnal nature will stop acting up, and trying to drag me down?' There's bad news and there's good news. The bad news is, just as the law of gravity is always in operation, so is 'the law of sin' that your fleshly nature wants to respond to. The good news is, you can access a higher law and operate in it. It's called 'the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus,' and it overrides 'the law of sin and death' (Romans 8:2 NKJV).

The law of gravity says that what goes up must come down. But when you're in an aeroplane another law is in operation - the law of aerodynamics. It works like this: The plane moves at a certain speed, and the proper thrust enables it to climb out of gravity's pull. That doesn't mean the law of gravity is no longer the law of gravity. Getting the idea?

You ask, 'What is this law of the Spirit?' Good question. Here's the answer. When you're indwelt by the Holy Spirit and relying on his power rather than your own, which means being sensitive to his leading and obeying his commands, you're no longer controlled by 'the law of sin and death.' It's no longer about trying harder, but leaning harder on God's Spirit who lives within you and drawing from him the strength to live victoriously.

Soulfood: 2 Sam 14:21 - 17:13, Matt 26:14-25, Ps 123, ov 18:13-16

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