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The Forum: Caring About Special Needs + Sharing Your Faith

What responsibility do believers have for those with special needs? On The Forum we were joined by Thomas Christianson from We talked about how to interact with people who seem to be different at church, in the workplace or in your neighborhood, and why Christians need to care about things like autism.

Also this week, we talked about sharing faith in a way that isn't awkward. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about your beliefs for fear of being seen as judgmental. Many of us may decide to stop sharing at all. Writer Courtney Bareman had interesting things to say about how to find the balance between fire and brimstone preaching and total silence.

 Also this week Aaron Ironside helps a couple who can't agree about having more kids, and the Reverend Frank Ritchie shared some thoughts on Lent.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm – and if you missed our last show on living generously, check out the podcast online.


The Forum: Do We Really Have To Tithe 10% + Is My Husband Cheating?

This week the Reverend Frank Ritchie was in to talk about if we really have to tithe 10% of what we earn. We were also joined by Harvard Business graduate Amalya Campbell to talk about her book Love Let Go and how to move the dial on our giving, especially when cash appears scarce. 

Also this week we heard from a woman who is concerned her husband is cheating on her, and our resident counselor Aaron Ironside shared some advice. 

In the story of the Good Samaritan, we are reminded that loving our neighbour means paying attention to the vulnerable and crossing the street to welcome others despite existing racial, cultural or religious differences. On Sunday night we also talked with author Sarah Quezada about how the Church must stand up for immigrants and refugees.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm – and if you missed our last show on the real effect of porn on women, check out the podcast online.


The Forum: The Real Effect of Porn on Women + Lies Christian Parents Believe

There's a false assumption that porn use and addiction is "a men's issue," leaving women to struggle in silence. This week on The Forum we talked with Michelle Brock from Hope For The Sold. She talked about her work helping exploited women, and also about overcoming addiction.

If you're a parent, it can feel like there's a never ending stream of advice on how you should raise your kids. We were also joined on Sunday night by Callie Grant from Blanchard Inc. about lies Christian parents believe.

Plus our resident counselor Aaron Ironside had advice for someone whose had a falling out with a family member, and the Reverend Fank Ritchie pops in to talk about the decline of faith in New Zealand.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm – and if you missed our last show on praying for the poor and marginalised, check out the podcast.