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Move the soap box into your living room every weekday morning from 10am - 1pm! Interviews about the big stories of day - honest, real, and relevant talk, and today's best Christian music.

You can contact Luke This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you're looking for anymore of Luke's interviews go the the Drive section of our website.


'The Book Thief' Review

Jon E Clist with a review of "The Book Thief" - just released on DVD. This well-received film is based on a popular children's book - a powerful story about the innocence of children, caught up in the horror of Nazi Germany.




Watch the trailer here:


Swearing & Cursing

Swearing seems to almost be part of Kiwi culture - you'd certainly think so if you watch some local TV.

What's a Christian viewpoint on this? Rev. Frank Ritchie from TearFund talks about how we can use more wholesome talk, to build others up.

Reverend Frank Ritchie:

Continuing to chat about bad language in the media, Jon E Clist from talks about censorship and ratings system; and how that can help us to make informed decisions about what may be appropriate for us and our families to watch.

Jon E Clist:


Rhema's CEO Returns from Israel

Mike Brewer, CEO of Rhema Media has just returned from a trip to Israel with a bus load of listeners and supporter. He talks with George and Andrew about the history, the culture and the spiritual significance of such a trip.


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