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The Forum: Euthanasia

Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales went to the high court to fight for the option of having her doctor help her to die. So this week on the forum, we asked the question: do you think euthanasia should be legalised?

George also interviewed Dr. Kevin Yuill. He has written a book called Assisted Suicide: The Liberal Humanist Case Against Legalisation. Our callers also shared their thoughts on whether ending somebody's life is mercy or murder.

Listen to the highlights below:

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Christina Noble

Inspired by a dream and motivated by her own horrific childhood in Ireland, Christina Noble established Foundations in Vietnam and Mongolia and has helped more than a million children.

The movie about her life, Noble, is in cinemas now.

Andrew Urquhart interviewed Christina Noble about her life and inspiration.


Leanne Edwards talks to Simon Barnett

Dancing With The Stars dancer Simon Barnett talked to Leanne about shaving his chest, being butch and the gruelling practise routine.



Andrew's Scottish Ancestry

Andrew Urquhart found out a lot more about his Scottish ancestry when he used's new DNA testing kit to uncover more about his family tree.

Brad Argent from came into the studio to talk Andrew through his results. If you want to order your own test kit and discover your ancestry, head to


Suz Holmes' Story: Missing You

Suz Holmes' husband died after a complication with his cancer treatment. She's written a book about the experiences of her and her four daughters, Missing You, and joined John in studio to share her story.

You can download the Kindle version of Missing You here.

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