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Chocolate Caramel Pie

I made this for friends the other night and it went down a treat.

Chocolate Caramel Pie

Sweet short pastry (homemade or shop bought)
1 tin of caramel
250g block of chocolate
250mls cream


Roll out the pastry and put it in the pie tin, chill for 30min so that it doesn't shrink when cooked.

Blind bake according to your recipe or the packet (generally 220 degrees for 15mins, take it out of the oven, remove the paper and beans put the pastry back in the oven on a low heat 140 degrees for about 20min, to dry out the bottom of the pastry.)

Make the ganache by melting the chocolate and cream on a low heat in the microwave, put aside to cool ready to put on top of the pie.

Once the pastry is cool, pour the caramel in and top with the ganache and put in the fridge for a few hours.






Christians and Sport

Luke talked with Dr John Tucker from Carey Baptist College about what they do and also how a Christian can be competitive and faith intersecting with sport.


Andrew's Birthday Message For His Dad's 80th

Too often we have eulogies for the funeral but don't share how we feel with those we love while they are with us. Today on his 80th Birthday I'd like to share these thoughts with and about my Dad, Malcolm George Urquhart.

Dad, you've always had real sense of adventure, embracing opportunities, and you've often taken the road less travelled just to see were it leads.

I know that there have been tough times and tragedy in your early years, but I think this has all helped to shape your character, build resilience and establish your priorities in life.


The Forum Podcast: The Desire To Be Powerful + Finding Your Purpose + Praying for Politicians

On this week's show we look at why so much of our church culture seems to buy into society's idea of what it means to be powerful, rather than what Jesus modelled. We talked with Jamin Goggin about his book 'The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb'.

We were also joined by the editor of 'Inside Out' magazine Ellery Sadler to talk about how your calling doesn't define you. While we can be called by God to certain things like jobs or relationships, they aren't what give us value and purpose.

Plus we talk with Peter Northcutt about the reasons we use the 'heretic' label, and the Rev. Frank Ritchie is in studio to talk about how to respond to politics and politicans.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm.


Taxing Sugary Drinks

Incensed by the government’s absence from a conference on a proposed sugar tax, this week celebrity chef Jamie Oliver got stuck into the National Party in a 4 minute video. Bodo Lang is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland and chatted with Luke.

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