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Young Gardener of the Year



Andrew Keaney is the executive general manager NZ produce at T&G Global.
Following reports that over a third of Kiwi kids are overweight or obese, Garden to Table and T&G are proud to be changing the way New Zealand children think about food with the launch of the inaugural T&G Garden to Table Young Gardener of the Year Awards.


Garden to Table


Linda is the CEO of Garden to Table. She is a seasoned gardener, company director, member of several professional groups, Harvard student and mother. She calls Garden to Table her ‘dream job’ and has taken her three children on her gardening journey with her. Gardening is her favourite way to slow down and relax, and she says it is great bonding time for her family, as well as being a way to positively introduce her kids to vegetables. Andrew talked with her about the initiative.