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Love Doc

My husband and I have been married for coming up 1 year on the 3 September, and we are really enjoying married life together.
One thing that I'm finding difficult to get my head and heart around is our different approaches to money. We are both earning, me a bit more than him, and I've always worked hard, keeping out of debt and saving where I can. My lovely man seems to be in a hurry to spend all that we earn and then some.
I've tried to talk with him about it, but he just gets all pouty and defensive. How can I honour my husband without going broke in the process.
“Stingy wife”



I am a Christian single girl in my early 20s, but really keen to meet the Right guy!!! I have been advised by a friend from Church that I just need to pray and wait on God to bring the right person along.
I've also been warned against hooking up with the wrong sort or appearing too desperate.
But I am a bit desperate, I feel like I should be doing something.? I don't want to force the wrong thing to happen, but think that maybe I should step out in faith.
There maybe plenty of “fish in the sea” but at the moment I feel like I'm high and dry. Should I put myself out there and become a “Fisher of Men”?



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