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Breakfast - Interviews, competitions, and morning fun and games to kick your day into gear!
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Does God Still Love Me?

I find it really interesting how people in our culture engage with Easter each year. For some, it's nothing more than a few days off work or school and eating a whole lot of chocolate. For others, it's an incredibly meaningful and spiritual time. And I think for many people, it's somewhere between the two.

I've noticed in past Easter weekends that people seem willing to think and talk about God in a way they don't at any other time of the year. I don't just mean church-attending, committed Christians either. Easter is a time when you'll hear God being talked about by people who normally would never do so. You'll hear matters of faith discussed on regular, mainstream radio stations. You'll see friends posting about Easter on social media.


Best of Breakfast: Funniest Thing Your Kid Has Said + Josh Klinkenberg Interview

This week we wanted to know: what's the funniest thing your kid said when they were little?

Plus Andrew has a weird experience at the gym and we interview Josh Klinkenberg. 

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Best of Breakfast: Jars of Clay Interview + Fails, Fails Everywhere

On this weeks show Andrew chats with David Hasseltine from Jars of Clay, George catches a fish (although was he exaggerating about the size?) we have some fails + more!

Make sure you join us for Rhema Breakfast live Monday-Friday from 6am!