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Andrew's Birthday Message For His Dad's 80th

Too often we have eulogies for the funeral but don't share how we feel with those we love while they are with us. Today on his 80th Birthday I'd like to share these thoughts with and about my Dad, Malcolm George Urquhart.

Dad, you've always had real sense of adventure, embracing opportunities, and you've often taken the road less travelled just to see were it leads.

I know that there have been tough times and tragedy in your early years, but I think this has all helped to shape your character, build resilience and establish your priorities in life.


I thought becoming a Christian was meant to make everything better?

"I'm feeling pretty despondent with this whole Christianity thing. I gave my life to Jesus a couple of years ago but I still find myself making a lot of mistakes. I thought becoming a Christian was meant to make everything better? I don't feel like a better person and it's pretty frustrating. Why do I still find everything so hard?"

That's a question we received recently. If you're anything like me, it's a pretty relatable one. I've made my fair share of mistakes – and not just in the past, but also in the present. And I've been a Christian for a lot longer than two years.


I Am A Religious Extremist

My name is George and I am a religious extremist. I know that's not usually a label people would use for themselves. While I'm certainly not wanting to associate myself with the kind of person who commits acts of terrorism – in a sense I, too, am an 'extremist'.