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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Frances says,

Lord Jesus , Go before us as we prepare for our trip to Italy, May our journey be free from danger, risks, accidents and sickness. Grant to us the joy of your Holy Spirit with us and your favour.

Lee says,

Lord Jesus my daughter died by suicide, it has broken our family. From the outside things look well, we serve in our wonderful church, but joy in our home has all but gone. Lord Heal Our Family.

Vanessa N. says,

Pls Pray for my husband and I who are going through struggles in our marriage. It is a season of heartache and I seek prayer for our marriage, love, finances & health to be restored in Jesus name!

Linda Yong says,

I am going thru hard time at marriage and would like deliverance from this,please pray for my husband healing of his broken past and God set him free from spirit from depression ,thanks indeed

Jane & Barb says,

Please pray for a miracle of healing for our son and brother George, who has been diagnosed with and is being treated for cancer of the Pancreas.

Beverly Shaffer says,

My Husband John had a heart attack April 2nd. He is 70 yrs old. The heart hospital here in OKC is one of the best hospitals. The doctor did a aterigram and put intwo stents. pray for total healing

Abigail says,

I have so many people that need Gods help and to find him

Abigail says,

I have a group project in university, none of my class mates are doing anything at all, and my lecturer is mean. I keep holding onto feelings of anger and resentment, because this course I see as important. I feel I need a divine intervention here. I

Cheryl says,

Please pray for my dad for God to restore his appetite to gain some weight. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer last Feb and been losing weight so fast due to inability to eat. Thank you!

angela says,

Please pray that God will be with me and help over the next couple of days as i am really going through a scary time and i have fear for what is yet to come on Friday.

Frances says,

please pray for me and my husband as we prepare financially, spiritually and most of all physically for a trip to Italy. thank you

Grateful says,

Prayers appreciated for my health and my husbands health so we can have children and be well. Prayers for his gums, for my nerves and for peace in all areas of life so there is no distress

Thanks says,

Prayers appreciated, for me and my husband. Please pray he can be tuned in to the relationship and understand how to communicate with me, I believe I have tried everything and I am beyond frustrated.

Gloria Rautahi says,

i ask for healing prayer,i am suffuring with chronic pain in most of my body,pain is with me constanly and i want it to leave my body,i am depressed and veery anxious ,please pray for me. Regards Glor

Anonymous says,

Thanks for praying. Mum and baby doing really well ❤

Worn says,

I have a job - thank you for the prayers. Now I just need to understand the purpose in my getting the job I got.

Phia says,

God to work in husbands heart to love his wife and children 100%. New beginnings to forget the past and move forward in Gods grace and mercies. pray for the blood of Jesus to cover our family

Todd says,

I ask for healing for my gums and for full healing to any gum recession.

Alice says,

I own a business, which brought a lot of stress. The business is now for sale. The last 3 weeks I became quite ill and cannot work. Please pray for me and my husband for healing, guidance and wisdom.

Clinton says,

I need a new car and also needing finance for the car that is easily affortable, pray for work because i need to be independant

Saint of God says,

Please assist in prayer,I need a job a d I have no place to stay,my sister is kicking me out of her house today and I have a training where I took my CV today and its next to where my sister stays

EF team says,

Please pray for Easterfest in Taupo. For FINE weather especially for our Family Fun Day on Saturday. That hearts and minds are impacted by the gospel over this celebration weekend!

Salome says,

Please pray for my mothers health.She got diabetes and she hurt her foot.I want her foot to be heal with Gods miracle.

Salome says,

My husband and i have been married for 4 years now,our first born is turning 4 this June..We really want another sibling to play with him.Please pray for us..Please.... God Bless*

Tia says,

Thank you God my neck is much better and I am able to use my right arm again (still not 100%) - Request for continual prayer for healing & strength in my right arm (do everything with this arm).

Clinton says,

Please pray for a beautiful and caring gf for me somewhere in the youth in any church to me my partner that will never hurt me

Clinton says,

Please pray for me for a girl im in mid 30s and also looking for a new local Church to belong too that will love me and not judge me.

Eugenie says,

For God to reveal to me the Husband that he has for me, that I will know deep in my soul that this is the man for me sent from God and to have a complete peace.

Eugenie says,

A prayer for God to reveal my next journey, to give me confirmation if Deliverence ministry is my calling or where/what work God is calling me to, for it to be revealed.

Anonymous says,

Thank you for praying for safe delivery for mum and baby. That did happen. Baby is still jaundiced and not gaining weight. Please pray for this also. Thank you!!

Anonymous says,

Thank you for praying for safe delivery for mum and baby. That did happen. Baby is still jaundiced and not gaining weight. Please pray for this also. Thank you!!


i ( sebastian dsouza ) , an evangelist from india, please pray for me ,for God to open ministry opportunities for Me, to go to Australia and New Zealand ( to advance Gods kingdom ) as missionary


i ( sebastian dsouza ) , an evangelist from india, please pray for me ,for God to open ministry opportunities for Me, to go to Australia and New Zealand ( to advance Gods kingdom ) as missionary

Anne says,

Please pray for all families and couples going through challenges and are in need of spiritual healing and in growing with His word, daily. God bless...

Anne says,

Please pray that God listens to all these prayer requests on the wall/ in our hearts and that He will provide and care for us all! Pray that everyone in NZ will come to know how mighty our God is!

Jill says,

Please pray that my daughter"s faith in God would be restored this Easter.

S says,

Gods healing and restoration over our marriage. Also Gods hand to restore our family including our 2 girls and son.

David says,

Please pray that we will sell our house as this is now urgent.

Esther says,

Please pray for more of revelation of God to me as I teach His Word to groups. I felt like, I am not worthy still to lead people but I am standing it now for His Glory.

nisha says,

please pray for my marriage,my financial situation and for my kids.I need help to find my feet spiritually and to grow.

susan ballantine says,

please pray for my husband kerry. he is in critical care after a serious car accident

Bek says,

Please pray for my friend who has recently had a relationship breakup and has effected her mental health. She is in need of peace, hope and protection of mind.

miss yvonne says,

i want prayer for myself, family and my church family....for us to continue to trust in the Lord and put all our cares and worries in His hands; prayer for revitalized attitudes in Christ.

anon says,

please pray for my daughter has had some kind of attack, too scared to sleep, feels she has been taken over by something demonic, pray for rest and peace til she can get prayer from a pastor

CJ says,

The strength to say what needs to be said and the grace to move on and begin the healing process

Carl says,

Please pray for my sons Ethan & Micah an my Wife Janine who have been very sick lately

Karin says,

Please pray for me to accept my broken marriage and that God has a plan. I need to heal and immerse myself in work and need godly friends .

marie grace says,

We urgently need accommodation that is warm dry secure we can pay the rent within days. Pray for provision to help us move and for the right people to help us urgently. Thank you

Tia says,

Prayer for healing from pinched nerve in neck. My whole shoulder down to my elbow, wrist and hand is very sore. Its been 4 days now and still in pain. Difficult to do things.

Anon says,

Pls pray for me I work in a job where I am talked down to and it is creating problems with my self esteem I am well educated and skilled but these are not recognised.