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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

darren says,

heavenly father thank you for your blessings, for my family,friends, job, food on the table, the roof over my head, and the air that we breath as you are our breath of love give me the strength Amen

Alicia says,

Please pray for finances and provision for us we have five little ones and my husbands work is not paying him his wages.

Pamela says,

Please pray for my husband Gilbert......that his prostate cancer will not return.

Pamela says,

That Marielle will learn to control her anger and become friends with her family again.

Rachal Mc says,

Please pray for my migraine to go away. Having a bad one todayou and feeling miserable. I also have extremely high blood pressure too. :-(

ludovic says,

sorry to ask you again please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev nastia is sick and poor

Susana says,

Please pray for my relationship with my boyfriend who is living overseas.Pray that all our plans/wishes for our future will be achieved. Thank you Lord

Susana says,

Please I really need prayer for my teachers registration to be confirmed by the ministry. I have provided all the details they need so I am just waiting for a good response from them. Thanks Sana

Ela says,

Please pray for my brother who is going through tests for chest pains,

J says,

Please pray for mercy for me & if it is good a change for my family. They make me the scape goat for tragedies that have happened & happened to me, I have not & am doing nothing wrong, it is too much

anon says,

I pray for a great Christian husband who I will praise God for

J says,

A friend has passed away of suicide please pray for his soul & his wife & family please pray angels will surround his family & that God will open doors for help. Thank you so much

Katie says,

Lord please help the firefighters control the fires in the Port Hills Also bring comfort to the Askin family as they grieve the loss of their son. May the police find the true cause of the fire.

Anne says,

Can we please pray for the base of the South Island, Balclutha, Lawrence. It has been like three winters, very cold. Stock/wool prices are dropping. Families are struggling and tired (and cold)Thanks

Sally says,

Please pray I will find a job in or near the location of where my husband and I have bought a house so I can join him.

Wendy says,

I humbly ask for prayers for Raetihi Baptist Church. For our beloved Father to send a new Pastor who is fired up for God & the community.For Blessings for our retiring Pastor Grahame and Joy Craggs

Steve says,

Please Pray for my wife and myself for healing. She is diabetic and has many things going on. Me, I have arthritis and am also the care giver for my wife.

Iri says,

Please pray that the lord will bless us with a house we want to buy. Thank you, thank you

Jill says,

Please pray for my job interview on Saturday. May God grant me this job.

Gordon. says,

God loves you mistakes and all. He knows you are not perfect. Show the same love to others

Forgive me says,

Please pray over my marriage i hit my wife today we are both tired sleep deprived no time for each other cancer suck real bad please Jesus take the wheel

Annoymous says,

Please pray for my mind and prayer for my work. Sometimes I feel controlled by strong personalities that I cant be confident to speak up or do my work well. Prayer for Gods will in my work and success

Tia says,

Prayer for my daughter Ramona who is having a gap year from study. Prayer for successful application for BA Ed for 2018 and also for what she chooses to do this year.

Tia says,

Plz pray for my mother Maua who having chemotherapy again 17/02/2017. Prayer for complete healing and for her spirit and faith to be strong in our God. Prayer for her carers Tia, Ramona, Howard & TJ.

marie grace says,

Please pray for my son Dean and I :Psalm 28:8-9 The LORD is their strength, And He is a saving defense to His anointed. Save Your people and bless Your inheritance; Be their shepherd also, and carry them forever. And, we urgently need accommodati

Rob says,

Pray together with me for a breakthrough in our family finances since my redundancy, for patience for the right job in a positive culture which God has promised in his timing.

AFIA says,

Please pray for divine health and protection for my entire family and the ordering of step in all i do.God bless.

Anonymous says,

Prayer for safe delivery and all to go well for mum and baby (due in few weeks)

Rita says,

Please I need a prayer for my visa . So me n my family can stay . I ask this in Jesus name

Kate says,

Please pray for Peter. Needs better job. Around 50 yrs old, has BA & fine arts degree. Current cleaning job w/ limited hrs. Lovely man, honest, reliable, wd love job in library or museum - please, God

melanie proctor says,

Hi could yous plees pray for my me an my family!! For healing fisacally emotionally an spiritualy an deliverance from demonic and evil forces,and for gods help and protection over us thank you!!!

Jennifer says,

Hi all. I am praying for God to prepare me to be my husbands helper. To help me develop qualities of a good wife and for my future husband to come into my life. Please add your prayers to mine 💌

Rita says,

Please pray for our family visa . Need a break through . Please family need a prayer feeling so low . Thanks

Shawnee says,

I greet you in the name of Jesus, my Prayer request is for a house.. we applied everything now we just waiting for everything to be approve.. please pray for everything to be approved. God bless

Adele says,

Please pray that the Lord will send me a Christian husband and that the Lord will sort out my job problems. Thanks and God bless

Michael says,

Please pray for complete healing of constant headaches (and for whatever may be caursing the problem).

Christopher says,

I would like prayer for healing my condition is Right Hemiplegia with distonia secondary to an intracerebral bleed when i was 4 years old Epilepsy Intellectual Disability [email protected]

Alan Burke says,

Please pray for my husband that he finds a job thats suits him. He has been trying for awhile but doesnt appear to be having much success.

Elaine says,

Pls pray for me.I am going through a challenging breakup with a person who we had planned marriage and a future with.We are both Godly people and I ask that God give us insight into what to do.

Eve says,

I pray that God can forgive me as i have turned down the path of darkness, for my unholy urges Ples play

Christine says,

Please pray for my ex-partner for him to give up his past that binds him and to turn to our lord I pray for his anger, aggression and the torment in his mind for him to be healed in jesus name.

Chris says,

Please pray for my dad who has dementia and my mum to keep her strong and to pray that my mums blood pressure lowers in jesus name please pray for my brother and my parents to turn to Jesus I pray.

Marie says,

please pray that we find a home in Tokoroa. We only have 4 weeks to find one. Thanks to God his will be done

Cliff Arnold says,

Could you please pray for my friend Cliff who gave his heart t othe lord, but is now in a 18month relationship with a lady who is a spiritist. pray that jesus will set him free from deception

jill says,

please pray for me to be successful in my job interview on 8 February at 1pm. I feel that God has promised me restoration and I am praying for this job success. Thank you so very much.

Linda says,

Please pray that God would shift our situation with our daughter. That she would see the truth and the truth would set her free. She is in an abusive relationship and the grand kids are suffering.

Ophelia says,

Please pray that God would soon provide my Godchild with a husband who would be a best friend, an encouragement and a great man of God

Megs says,

Please pray for my GrandPa whos been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, he goes into surgery this week, they also found growths on his heart, but unable to operate. And 4 my family during this difficult tim

Emma says,

Dear Lord Jesus I pray that you could help my husband and I to get out of debt to help us budget and for provision to help us raise our family.

Alicia says,

Please pray that God would deliver me from bladder infections and to restore my marriage and family.