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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

nisha says,

please pray for my marriage,my financial situation and for my kids.I need help to find my feet spiritually and to grow.

susan ballantine says,

please pray for my husband kerry. he is in critical care after a serious car accident

Bek says,

Please pray for my friend who has recently had a relationship breakup and has effected her mental health. She is in need of peace, hope and protection of mind.

miss yvonne says,

i want prayer for myself, family and my church family....for us to continue to trust in the Lord and put all our cares and worries in His hands; prayer for revitalized attitudes in Christ.

anon says,

please pray for my daughter has had some kind of attack, too scared to sleep, feels she has been taken over by something demonic, pray for rest and peace til she can get prayer from a pastor

CJ says,

The strength to say what needs to be said and the grace to move on and begin the healing process

Carl says,

Please pray for my sons Ethan & Micah an my Wife Janine who have been very sick lately

Karin says,

Please pray for me to accept my broken marriage and that God has a plan. I need to heal and immerse myself in work and need godly friends .

marie grace says,

We urgently need accommodation that is warm dry secure we can pay the rent within days. Pray for provision to help us move and for the right people to help us urgently. Thank you

Tia says,

Prayer for healing from pinched nerve in neck. My whole shoulder down to my elbow, wrist and hand is very sore. Its been 4 days now and still in pain. Difficult to do things.

Anon says,

Pls pray for me I work in a job where I am talked down to and it is creating problems with my self esteem I am well educated and skilled but these are not recognised.

Chanie says,

Please pray that I may move closer to God and not get lost in the things of the world. I also have staff members that work against me. Always tryibng to work me out of a job.

Eva says,

My Nana is heading in for heart surgery next week to put a stent into one of her arteries, would love prayer for a great outcome from this surgery and also for her salvation! Amen :)

Raewyn says,

I would like to have prayer for my husband who has fallen away. Im also having some teeth out soon and I would like prayer that it all goes well. I get asthma as well.

Alicia says,

please pray for the restoration and love back in my marriage.

anon says,

I pray for a great Christian husband that I will praise God for

Sarah says,

Please pray for me as I feel I have lost myself.

Amanda says,

Please pray for my 3 children, the eldest especially who is struggling with anger over the grief of losing their dad after 13 years of cancer. Thank you.

latu says,

please pray for my little family especially my husband so that he comes to know Jesus

Gemma Overton says,

I ask our Heavenly father to please guide me and support me when I feel angry and sad about My daughters disability. I pray you can be with her and give her the strength she needs to walk alone. Amen

Gemma Overton says,

I pray for Kirsten Richards family that they may find you in their time of loss, and that the Lord has found a place for Kirsten in heaven. Amen

Ian Cole says,

Please pray for the full & speedy recovery of my friend Kevin who nearly died from a blood clot. His intestine has started to heal but there are heart complications. God be merciful on his family too

Winsome Pua says,

Please pray for me. I am 44 and would like to have a child of my own. Had a miscarriage three years back. Thank you

Emz says,

I often have low self esteem and depression - there have been times I have contemplated suicide. I shout out to God in those times for help despite how anti I feel. I need uplifting.

EMP says,

Please pray for peace in my mind and heart. Pray for my thought process. Please pray I lead our womens group .. prayer for Gods leading and message to be clearly taught and discussed this Friday. TYJ

Annoymous says,

I have anger in me. I feel it but dont understand why. I have been getting worse lately and taking it out on my loved ones and church members (by ignoring them or being cold) I need help.

Em says,

I thank God for answering my prayers in His time. Amen.

Emmanuel king says,

God should perfect everything concerning my life this year in Jesus name Amen

Emmanuel king says,

God should center me in his will and also make to know the purpose which he has called me on earth (2). God should bless me financially this year and take away my sorrow forever. Amen

Dave says,

I have been battling a viral infection for 3 weeks and are having trouble getting rid of it.I need to be well ASAP as I am going overseas with the love of my life in 2weeks.

J says,

I am in need of defense over a hurtful person please pray they will not damage my reputation & that God will defend me, please pray they will apologise & God will open their eyes, it is hurtful

emma says,

please pray for Gods presence and peace to be around my family for my five children and for provision to take care of them thankyou

Alicia says,

could you please pray for Gods restoration for our marriage. for provision and finances, and just a greater revelation of Gods love

Worn says,

I am out of work now due to disestablishment. Have no source of income other than me, so really need to find a good job soon. Please pray the perfect job for me will reveal itself and I will get it.

Kim says,

Please pray for my son and his friends who graduated last year but still havent found a job. Thank you

Moa says,

Prayer for confidence in myself and my ability to do my job well.Prayer for Gods direction in my life in terms of where He wants me to serve.Prayer for courage& intelligence when making hard decisions

Tia says,

Prayer for success in weightloss this year. I battle with depression and often fall back into bad habits overeating. Strength to overcome this battle in my life. Its been confirmed I have diabetes now

Annonymous Tee says,

Plz pray over my mind. I keep thinking negatively about situations, people and my own circumstances. I noticed I am angry with people for no reason&very moody. I really want to be saved from this plz

david says,

I have been diagnosed with growth of the bone on the back of my right ankle(haglunds deformity) which causes me some serious discomfort.And affects shoes that I can wear.Pray for strength/wisdom .

Rebecca Reece says,

I would like pray for my friends son who was attacked by a dog to his face today I ask lord to help The Bull family as they are traveling to Waikato Hospital help them be strong amen

Naise says,

Prayer to our father to keep instilling joy in our lives and to overcome obstacles in the way and let it not hinder us from finding out purpose on earth!!!

David (from Tham says,

Please pray that: 1. I will sell my house 2. Get a job in Dunedin 3. Be able to get a house in Dunedin Basically, need 3 miracles.

Darren says,

My 75 year old mother and myself need to find accommodation in Onehunga Auckland, in the 7 weeks or we will be homeless, please pray that we will find suitable hosing for the 2 of us please pray 4 us

Gladys says,

Heavenly Father, I need prayers, for my aching body due to arthritis and not responding well to medication due to side effects . I want to retire but doubtful due to financial problems. Amen

Esther chege says,

My huband and i have been having so many issus,he currently wants a separation,i still want the marriage n our 3year old.pray for restoration..I HAD REACHED A POINT WHEN LIFE SEEMED UNBEARABLE

Jill says,

Just wanting to thank God and wait on his opening the right door for my job offer. Please pray for me.

Sarah says,

My husband Zane and I need prayer as our son Joseph has been recently diagnosed with autism& had behavioral issues at preschool. Please pray for wisdom, strength, breakthrough&encouragement





catherine says,

please pray for my grandchild who has severe depression and has turned away from God and chosen the ways of the world.