Send your prayer to the wall...

If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Christopher Godb says,

Please pray for healing my whole rightside eyesight half blind and speech different and i want my life to change be a better man

Pam says,

Please pray that communication with our estranged sister will be restored.

Pam says,

Please pray for both my son and daughter: that my son will succeed in his studies and that my daughter will overcome her eating disorder.

Caroline says,

pray for the future of my children who are lost, They ask questions and are searching. Pray for their future and salvation. Gods will bed done.

Justin Faauuga says,

Please pray for healing over my whole body. My eyes, my back and my digestive system. Please pray for full and complete health over my entire body, by his stripes I am healed...In Jesus name

Sister says,

Heavenly Father I pray that you may please be with each prayer that are written on this wall and also thought of. That you will guide us in our journeys to trust in your timing and your answers.

anon says,

I pray that God would heal me of depression

Catherine says,

Please pray for my hard working husband working 12 hour days, for our overwhelming debt that we are trying to get on top of, for our unequilly yoked marriage and for our struggles with infertility

Ian says,

My wife is looking at having part or all her stomach removed and Stoma (outside bag) put in. We are believing for total healing but would appreciate more prayer please. Love to see God do a Miracle!

John says,

The man shot in Invercargill by the off-duty police officer needs prayer. So much to deal with behind the scenes that not too many people know about. He & his family needs prayer for sleep & peace

Praying friend says,

A little girl called Grace, 3.5y old has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Please pray for the Lords strength, love and healing to be with this family in this difficult time.

Michael says,

Please pray for our finances. We as a couple believe God is our provider and his providence will get us out of this temporary financial difficulty.

Pat says,

Please pray for Rebecca for health issues and suitable work. Thank you.

Rose says,

Please pray with us as we are getting ready to do apply for resedancy. May god pave the way for us and let His will be done. Thank you. God Bless

Peter says,

Please pray for my parents Jim and Jill that they come to a saving faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

RJ says,

Please please pray for our finances. My husband is working so hard, we are struggling to pay our bills drowning in our debts this financial problem is putting so much tension in our marriage.

Juliana says,

Please help me in prayer for my friends and partner I really like that they come to church with me on sunday

Clint says,

needing pray for my student loan application be succesful for my new study

anon says,

please pray for all the teens in Auckland who are in need of gods love and peace. thanks

Anonymous says,

I would like a prayer for me to pass my Nursing exam paper. I failed this paper last year, I repeated the same paper and did my exam last week. I really want to pass to move forward in life iam stuck.

Roy says,

Please pray for my financial needs. My daughter is not working and I have to pay for her car. Also make a way for a job for her

Susan says,

Please pray that we will have peace in our family. My daughter and son and husband will restore their love and respect for each other. At the moment there is so much tension in our home. God touch us

anon says,

I pray that as my daughter turns 18 tomorrow that she will see the goodness that God has provided for her last 18years and turn back to Him

Anne says,

Please Lord I pray that You will help me financially to pay off my bills and student loans as well as cater for my school fees as studylink has declined funding. I want to graduate so bad and move on.

Anne says,

That the Lord will provide a way for me to be able to finish my university studies both financially and academically and that He will take a hold of my life. Thanks

William says,

Help clear my mind and give me the knowledge of wisdom, for my first university exam tomorrow. I am struggling at this moment preparing for it. Open the eyes of my heart, mind, and soul.

Abree says,

I pray our prayers our answered. I need a miracle. I m losing hair and my hiv is affecting my skin and i have financial problems.pls god restore my hair overnight.

Lois says,

That my daughter will learn to deal with her anxiety and we will find the right fit for her remain ingredients schooling. Also that my husband will come to the Lord.TMHA

Irene says,

Please pray for my 2daughters to stop hating each other my oldest daughter to forgive her youngest sister also for her to humble her heart nd love her completely. Pray for their spiritual walk.

CJ says,

For my family members who are very fearful, troubled and anxious at this time as they face numerous health, financial and other problems. May God be with them and deliver us all from them. Thanks.

Renee says,

Please pray for Haydn who is havinga double knee replacement in Whanganui Hospital 14th June. Pray for a successful operation & quick recovery. Many thanks

Pamela says,

Please pray for my son as he does his exams.

Jen says,

Lord I ask for your guidance in what I want to do in my life in terms of what I want to study. Its so hard to decide what I truly would like to pursue especially if I cant see myself doing it.

Warren Sharplin says,

Prayer for our nephew Bill who has suffered severe leg and pelvic injuries. He is in the critical care unit in Auckland hospital. Pray for physical and spiritual healing, & for hospital staff.

Pamela says,

Please pray that my daughter will get her life organised.

Eugenie says,

That God would give me and my family a long awaiting financial breakthrough. As well as if the job I applied for is of God that I would get it.

emma says,

please pray for God to make a way that my husband and I could have some quality time together. for restoration and love for each other,.

Anon says,

For my life, dream and goals in general. My life is all over the place but I pray for guidance and reassurance. Most of all for a strong relationship with God

Teresa says,

For families who have loved ones in hospital pray for strength and medical team that take care of them. To stay positive mentally and physically.

KI says,

Please pray for me and my colleagues who are going through a business under review. Pray that all finds employment or some financial support.

Sela says,

Can you please pray for me and my husband...we want to have children!

Emma says,

Could you please pray for peace and unity in our marriage and that we would love each other again as we did at first.

Emma says,

Could you please pray for peace and unity in our marriage and that we would love each other again as we did at first.

Alicia says,

Please pray for peace and for Gods protection to surround my two sons who are been bullied at school.

JM says,

please pray for the restoration of my finances. I was duped by someone unwilling to pay me back and I am in dire straits. He needs salvation.

JM says,

please pray for the restoration of my finances. I was duped by someone unwilling to pay me back and I am in dire straits. He needs salvation.

Elaine says,

Please pray for my grandaughter to be totally delivered from drug addiction to enable her mother who is rearing her 2 small children to be relieved of this responsibility as her health is suffering .

Judy says,

For husband Don having quadruple bypass surgery 6/6/17.Very long and complex. Big risks. Peace of God & His blessing on all. Wisdom, skill of medical team. Healing, salvation for Don.

Anonymous says,

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage to James.

Alicia says,

Could you please pray that God would deliver me from fear and anxiety. And for employment for my husband