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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Anon says,

Please pray I will have God given strength tomorrow to be the lords hands and feet and that the family I am helping will be led to God and Jesus. I am struggling with health

Anon says,

Please pray for friend she is in an equally yoked unloving relationship, he had affair, she has lost family and friends due to tragedy/death and is not coping, she knows about God/Jesus thank you.

Anon says,

Praying for all here, lord and that you and Jesus will be in every home in NZ, by TV, the bible and most importantly that hearts will turn to you en masse that we will truly be a christian country

Anon says,

Please pray that the post traumatic stress I have will be healed & that I can do music, work & have a child. That God will show me what to do about triggers/family. That there will be miracles

paul nicholson says,

Odette Chapman is terminally ill from cancer yet I know God wants to heal her a tumour in her hip smashed her hip and pelvis please pray for her total healing she is getting weak now. Paul Nicholson

Patricia says,

Dear Father I ask for Jonathan to have a good assessment at Salvation Army for Bridge programme. That you would bring his family back to him and he would be able to thank you and praise Your Name.

tracy says,

please pray thatget offered a job soon.and that I get my heatpump installed soon, its so cold. Thank God for answer to pray in Pearl and Ben and Kerrys life.Halleullulah Yeshua

Aniq says,

Please pray for healing from chronic migrains and anxiety. I know God is faithful. Also pray for a breakthrough for funds for my charity to keep feeding 180 children and teachers in rural Zimbabwe.

Liz says,

Pray for my friend Jackie who has cancer. I have been talking to her about Jesus. Also our friends little grandson Hunter who has cancer.Yesterday the family were told they have to let him go.

Jen harkins says,

Please pray for my brother mike for peace as he heals and undergoes further treatment for oral cancer. X

Omorodion ken says,

Divine touch and divine intervention from God

Anon says,

thank you for praying for my daughter. Since then she has a job and can sleep at night again, with peace. The person who got her so anxious has returned to her home. Please pray protection over her

Scott Slagter says,

My close Friend scott slagter has been diagnosed with mild depression please pray for him to break of this foul spirit of depression opression and sucide from of his life and also i pray and ask that you pray that he may give his life to Jesus christ

Saira says,

Praying for healing for Elsa Baes. I was previlaged to be blessed by this family when I lived with them in the slums of Manila. They are struggling to pay medical bills to help their mum recover.++

eric says,

Please would like healing, also financial freedom

ludovic says,

sorry to ask you again THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev nastia

Bronwyn says,

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my husband earlier this year when we found out he had cancer. And a huge thanks to God for healing him, even before the chemo was finished.

Elina says,

praying for healing and for God to take over my financial problems. also lord please answer all the prayer request on here. Amen

anon says,

Urgent prayers for enough petrol money for me to help someone that lost husband in tragedy, they really need the help and support.

Patty says,

Please pray I get the job I want & for it to provide well, also for my son a suitable job for him.

Ally says,

Please pray for suitable work for me

Emma says,

Please pray for my husband James, he is recovering from backbone surgery after waking from a coma. Please pray that he be released from the pain of his gout and other internal bleeding. He was a soldi

Dominique says,

Father you know what our family is going through, please help us through our troubled times, help my partner find a job , help us with our court date. In Jesus name we pray

Anon says,

Please pray ex sister in law Karen, will not lie to herself or me about very serious things, that God will show her that the nasty judgements she has are hateful. I forgive her, want change/eyes open

Anon says,

Please pray Auntie and sister will realise their lies and hate towards me is false judging without any reason. Please pray my brother will see that and all will get to know and listen to Jesus.

Christine says,

Grandson, Hunter, will wake from coma & live

Sharon says,

Please pray that I could be a blessing and bring His light as I seek promotion at work. Please pray for His favour during the selection process. Please pray for financial provision. Thank you.

Anonymous says,

Please pray that the Lord will change my daughters heart. She is having a very bad relationship with me as a mother. She is saying so harsh things to me which is unbearable.

MA says,

Please pray for my son who has been raised as a Christian but since leaving school and being at Uni for a couple of years is not sure that he believes in God and is very into the Athiest perspective.

Anonymous says,

Please pray that my husband would be thankful for his job and that he would enjoy his work. Also please pray for a job for me as I have been unemployed for 2 years now and looking for work.

nn says,

heavenly father, You knows my pain, God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me

Elina says,

Lord i pray for guidance upon me and my kids and to be strong as a single mother. lord i as for forgiveness in any way lord. i also pray for financial help, restricted license, and a home for us. amen

Joyce says,

Please pray for my heart, my best friend and daughter is being led to live in the USA with her new husband. Please pray as we go through this transition over the next 6 months.

Gary says,

hi I am on the edge of great achievement and this new level will eventually glorify our father in heaven. The resistance is almost more than I can cope with.Please prayer of protection/guidance

marie grace says,

Please pray Isaiah 35:4: "Say to those with fearful hearts...Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you.” Pray for total deliverance please

Elina says,

Emotional, stressed, irritated, annoyed of life. After a stroke called Aphasia last year has left me feeling these emotions. Need God to help me coz i know im so far from Him spiritually. Tired always

Richard Mongan says,

I would like to request prayer, that I be given a repentant heart and grow closer to the Lord God through Jesus Christ. I am looking to take my eyes off of the things of this world and to serve God.

Anonymous says,

I am going through a disease that kids my age can die if there operation fails. Please pray and ask God to heal me before i even go into operation. Please i am only 13.

tina says,

I pray my family will be free from addiction and mental illness and know the love and peace of our Lord Jesus.

anonymous says,

i want to be abuse free and treated right even though i have a mental illness

lorren says,


anonymous says,

brain function to be healthy and brain free of plaque and colesrol even in old age

anonymous says,

sinus disease ear nose and throat - to be completely beter

anonymous says,

i have a situation at home my son lives with my parents, i want him home . but family really want him there and they say its his choice, i am hurting , theres no reason i cant have him back

rebecca says,

my entire wellbeing( mentaly psycologically,spiritualy,physicaly,emotionaly) good health

anonymous says,

Fire of holy ghost work through every part of my beauty therapy buissness and healing for success and plenty of customers

NiFaith says,

I seek your guidance father to strenghten my spiritual walk and bring me to the purpose of life that you want for me. All in your time, I am thankful to you my father jesus christ, amen

Leandra says,

Lord please help that my husband and opens up to his children he is very cold towards them at times and they need him to show them love and affection

Rose says,

I pray that God will send answers to everyone that has prayers on this prayer wall. I also pray for revival in South Africa. Thank you Lord. Amen

Female says,

Please pray fervently my husband will reactivate his faith, he had none when I met him, but did turn to God and Jesus, after much stress (external) and trauma that I have gone through he says no faith