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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Hera says,

Prayer for a job, and the right job please

Alejandro says,

Please pray for mi son Bairon and daughter Carolina ,that comeback to my lord,and my father and father in low, because they will go to take the exams. for my wife and I for found peace .

Dorothy Matchitt says,

Please pray that God will deliver me from gluttony

Kalla says,

Lord, I ask that you give me strength and motivation to wake up each morning without feeling sad and lonely.

Anna says,

Lord I know Mikee is asking the same question with you. Why do we have to be hurt like this even if we give everything to save the relationship? Show her that she need to believe in you.

Anna says,

I pray for my friend Mikee, please help her heal. I hope she will not hurt again by the one she love. Lord, I know that you know everything about her.Please help her to move on like what you did to me

Cheryl says,

Chronic insomnia, big health issues,broken marriage- rather overwhelmed with life! Physical & emotional pain & exhaustion. Aware of many blessings too. Big thanks for prayer🙂

Parent says,

Please pray for my daughter Gemma. She has separated from her partner and is living with a friend who does drugs.

Glenys says,

Please pray for healing and salvation for Cayden. He is 25 and has bone cancer, thanks.

sad single mom says,

good day all please pray for me and my daughters,i have walked out of a abusive relationship and need to find my feet,i am feeling lost and wish to be a great mom,get place of our own and peace life

Jocelyn says,

Plse pray that my 9 month old granddaughter, forcably separated from her mother for five months will be returned from overseas by her other grandmother on Tuesday.

Debt. says,

I have worked for years to be debt free an bills are coming out of the blue. Pls pray i well be debt free an that provision well come to pay my debt thanks heaps blessings

Sad lady says,

Pls pray for me that i well find peace an comfort & more of Gods love since i lost my sister she passed 2 months ago its been so hard at times i cry alot & always feel sad for her kids. Thanks

Salvation for sunshine says,

Pls pray for salvation for sunshine that he well be saved as hes never happy & always having problems with the family as there culture is all about image & standards. Pray for freedom & Gods love 4 hm

Black out necie says,

Pls pray for my necie shes been unwell for awhile & she blacked out 2night & her mum had a heart attack the other day 2..pls pray for protection over there family amen

Andy says,

Please pray, my son has an addiction to marijuana and will not stop... I have raised him up to the Lord and in his hand I give him please pray my son will come to Christ and end his addiction....

Sharon says,

Please pray for my right shoulder. I have a thick big tear in my tendon & frozen shoulder. I have surgery, will be off 3 mnths and 18 mths. rehab. Please pray for a miracle for me. God Bless you all!

Nard says,

Lord, I ask you to change my academics. Please pray that the Lord Almighty does miracles and my academic performance increases highly than it has ever. Lord, I humbly come to you for your help. Amen!

Georgina says,

Please pray for my daughter Nicky who is back slidden and has many health problems for healing of her mind, body and soul.

Angela says,

For Arron, pray that God would help him to see the life changes he needs to make. In Jesus name,

Angela Futter says,

Pray for my sister Jeanette currently in critical care at Middlemore. She had a heart attack on Monday. She is presently under sedation and making slow progress. Pray for her recovery pls.

Anna says,

Please tell her that I have to go now. Maybe the waiting is over. Lord tell her that I love her so much and I forgive her. I need to be happy and I hope she will find her happiness too.

thomas says,

can you please pray for me as im about to lose my job and that god may provide me with something i enjoy in my career my body is slowly shutting down and i just need my fathers guidence jesus name.

Sarah&Joseph says,

Urgent prayer request. I hav a meetin 2night at 8 discuss our son diagnosed with autisms preschool hours. I am pregnant & hav found it challenging with no break during holidays and his behavior

Andrew says,

Please pray for god to show me which business should I purchase. And for change of attitude at work, for my wife to have a compassionate heart, and for all my brothers that i walk this narrow road wit

Lee says says,

Hi there can I have prayer for my husband Glenn he has a swollen right foot and has had trouble getting the swelling to go down. He is in much pain so we would appreciate some prayers for him. GBLee

emma says,

please pray for finances for the weight of debt to be lifted from us.. for provision to help us raise our family.

Rachelle says,

Please pray for the healing of joint pain in my ankles, knees and shoulders, and for the healing of pain in my back please pray for my vision to be restored and for healing of past self harm scars

Dorothy says,

D says, Please pray for healing for my husband.

Anna says,

When I ask you what should I do? Then I saw a word of you in my messenger it says, "When the right time comes, I, the Lord will make it happen". And I should believe you. Thank you for helping me.

Anna says,

Thanks for all the wonderful things that is happening right now. Maybe it is your way of saying "I have given you, my child, so many things to be happy". I believe in your message to me.

Matthew says,

Dear God please help the people around New Zealand to have safe travels

Clint says,

I need pray to help me with ministry of justice nz, I have sin I though i can afford to pay the fine but the 18th is fine due date but I need a way to sort this matter out

Anne says,

Lord please hear my call for help. I am in desperate need of deliverance from this sticky situation that I am in. Please let the school allow me in and for my fees to be paid. Lord I beg of you. Amen.

Fee says,

Please pray for my 12 year nephew for healing from cancer

Kaleena says,

Lord please let me have the job I interviewed for! You know I have many bills to pay and with school starting soon, I pray for my course fees to be paid Lord please. Help me financially O Lord God

AC says,

Lord I pray for Your mighty hand to keep the door open for me in the academic field. Please let me stay on to complete my degree, I am begging as a low servant. Please Lord hear my cry for help! Amen

Anna says,

Thanks for helping me everyday. Heal me, O Lord let me live within you. Whatever is on my way, help me accept it with my eyes open. Wipe off my tears, help me rise up and live according to your plan.

Anna says,

Your revelation to my life really amazes me every time. When I look for an answer you give it right away. YES it is true, I should stand back and let you, O Lord, handle all my worries. Love, Anna

Career2 ministry says,

I have desired for awhile to be in ministry but the doors have not open for me to leave my job. I am not happy there im not learning anything & its getting boring pls pray for the lord to guide me

Trip to israel says,

Please pray for me for provision as i was blessed with some money to go to israel but i still am waiting on money for food etc. I ALSO need some1 2 watch my gurl teenager as she cant come....Shalom 😀

Wedding coming up says,

My cousin is getting married next month her husband to be has only be come a christian pls pray that he well have a close relationship with the lord an grow in his journey with him. Thanks

L says,

Please pray for best problems and finances. Thank you so much.

Anna says,

Please help me God for I can composed my mind and make a better decisions. If I will find happiness and sadness through this person please help me talk to her.

Eugenie says,

Prayer for continues wood supply as winter has not even started and have gone through so much already, that the provision would be made through God. That the right career path would also open up.

Disheartened says,

I ask that you would come in agreement with me that God would heal my body and that my weight would come off and not be an issue in Jesus name that I can become fit and healthy.

Mala says,

Pray for my boyfriend whose name is Karl that God will touch his heart and he will be able to make decision on our relationship which is going through a rocky patch.And that he will come to know God

Susan says,

Pray for my husband who is not happy at his current job. May he find a job that he will be happy in. Thank you Jesus

Hauoli says,

Pray for guidance in my life, as I stumble across situations which I may not be able to handle. For my boyfriend who is ill and does things that are not good for his body and to make good decisions.

friend in need says,

Please pray for my friend cherrie that she well see freedom in what shes facing and favour well be in my life an all her promises will come to pass. She has been weary for along time & down thank use