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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Jordan says,

Lord, I want to bring all of these wonderful people before you now. I believe in healing, and I know that you are the great healer. Please have your way in all these sons and daughters, Lord God. Amen

Joshua says,

I struggle with ongoing porn addiction and it is ruining my life have other issues that overwhelms me and really need God to be with me to get mine life back on track

Joy says,

Please, if anyone has enough energy please may I receive prayer for my sore elbows. I would like to feel strong again. Thank you God for providing this caring tool. In Jesus healing name. Amen

Ursula Roger says,

Hi please pray for total healing as diagnosed in Dec with stage 2 Breast cancer. Have had surgery on one breast, finished chemo & radiation. So appreciate prayers as I gain recovery

Jes says,

please pray God will show up in my situation in an instant that he will put his hand in my relationship as his family is trying very hard to break us apart also i claim his life for the kingdom

Monique says,

Prayer request for my mum who has had ongoing thyroid problems and now very breathless and drs think her heart may have problems, praying against these diagnosis.

steve reid says,

Would really appreciate prayer for recovery from a traumatic situation that has left me unwell and struggling to manage my worklife, finances and faithlife. Long term listener & supporter. Many thanks


Stuart says,

Auckland uni student association has vote coming up to deregister pro life group. And all groups with similar ideologies this is attack on all christian groups and freedom of speech. Please pray. Thks

Juliana says,

hi guys please I would like to ask please pray for my mother she is addictive to cacaine .. and the enemy is taking her life .. i believe that our GOD will come with hes power and save her .. Thanks

Paulette Sales says,

Baby Violet 2wks stopped breathing yest at home now int care chch hosp on life support miracle needed

Max says,

Thanks to God for NZ prayer line who prayed for Ruth with heart problems and a miracle healing happened in the hospital and she was totally healed with out surgery .

Max says,

Max I have just been told i have prostrate cancer . Jesus can heal please pray the father for healing thanks

Max says,

please pray for brother Peter who is a nurse and cares for many but has himself just had a operation needs healing thanks

Anna says,

You will grant my wish. Even if she hurt me, even if she do bad things, I still love her. I promise in front of you that I will love that person no matter what. I hope she will come back.

Anna says,

I thank you for all your ways in my life. I honor you. It is surprising how can I survive everyday wearing my smile and embracing all I have. I know that there is something lacking here. And I hope...

Anna says,

Whatever the questions I have made in my mind I know You already have the answer. All I need is to act according to your will. I maybe in silence alone but my mind is shouting like a baby. Please help

Glenys says,

Please pray for healing and salvation for Paula who has just been diagnosed with cancer, thanks.

Aso says,

Please pray, that the visions that God has place upon my heart of running my own business and travelling be according to his will and purpose. Also for my sister Tala please protect her.

Angela Futter says,

Thank you prayer warriors who prayed for my sister Jeanette after she was in intensive care with breathing tube. They took the tube out and she has now left hospital and is slowly recovering. P/God.

Angela Futter says,

Pray for Willie and Jamie that they can find reconciliation after he has left the family home. Pray they will not make the wrong decision when both feeling hurt.

Angela Futter says,

Pray for Willie and Jamie that they can find reconciliation after he has left the family home. Pray they will not make the wrong decision when both feeling hurt.

Angela Futter says,

Pray for Willie and Jamie that they can find reconciliation after he has left the family home. Pray they will not make the wrong decision when both feeling hurt.

Susan says,

Please pray for my family to sell two houses in Jakarta and come back to NZ as soon as possible.

Anne C says,

Lord please help me with my assignments and grades! I need You to work within the teachers and allow them to accept my work and give me a passing grade. I need my academic standing to be good also

Cathy says,

Do you need peace in your marriage or unable to give birth and your husband is not happy contact PRIEST ADE at or [email protected] website

P says,

Please pray for my husband to be more affectionate and kind with words. He hardly compliments me and shows me any affection. He doesnt look at me. All he does is whattsapp with plenty of females.

marie grace says,

Pray for the provision to be able to pay back loans we have taken out to shift house in March, More loans needed to shift now. Need dry, safe, secure home. People of God to help us urgently. Thank you

Rosy says,

Please pray with us that our residancy comes through and that all will go well. And also for every other person going through this process. Very stressfull. Thanks

Rose says,

I just want to thank God for all our blessing. Amen

thomas says,

please pray for me to over come lustful emotions towards women and find peace in my heart of abusful relationships and that god may bless me with a decent christain woman in my life jesus name!

Sylvie says,

please pray for energy, peace and total healing for terminal cancer

Anne C says,

Lord God please help me through this hard situation. I am lost and in need of deliverance. May the teachers have pity on me and allow me to pass this paper! Please Lord help me stay in school I beg

Anne C says,

Lord God I beg of you to keep the door to Uni open for me please. Help me submit all outstanding work and let the teachers have pity on me and help me grow as a student. Please lord I beg this of you

Anne says,

Lord Jesus please help me with my assignments. May they be marked and accepted by my teachers. Please give me another chance at Uni studies so that I may graduate and be happy. Please Lord I beg.

Anne says,

Lord I need your help desperately. May you please work through the teachers and allow me to continue to go uni. May my grades change and my academic standing too. God I beg of you to let me pass. Amen

Anon Female says,

Grateful to God that my husband is save & knows Jesus & God. :) prayers appreciated that he will read the bible for himself & allow the holy spirit to give him answers. Thank you amen.

Val says,

Please pray for a man I saw today in Point Chevalier area asking for money or work as he has a family. Let us pray that he will be offered work soon.

Vera says,

Good morning, Please pray for those whom are struggling with addictions throughout Aotearoa.

J says,

Am praying for all here. Praying that ptsd anxiety will be removed. That I will be free to focus & have a family before its too late. For miracle with my family & that God can bring change

Anon says,

Prayers appreciated long tern client has always been hard to deal with I have done everything I can please pray the tide will turn in my favour & God will remember all the good I have done

J says,

Praying for the right part time work that my health can cope with preferably with Godly people please where there is peace & no trouble from others that like to stir or create problems

Godswill says,

Pray for me that God give me more grace to keep my body under subjection in obedience to Christ I.e power to sin no more

Godswill says,

Pray for me that God give me more grace to keep my body under subjection in obedience to Christ I.e power to sin no more

clare says,

I have a cat scan to morrow to investigate a swollen kidney and ureter. Please pray for healing and an upcoming special trip that may be affected by the outcome of the scan.

Pal, says,

For direction, separated from relationship and just Need prayers for what to do. Wanting relationship to be reconciled but hardness of heart is very hard.

Ian says,

Powerful prayer needed for Kevin who will have a major operation on his colon on Thursday. The outcome will affect his quality of life greatly as if it successful he can then get the heat op he needs

Todd says,

Please pray for my gums to be healed and my tinnitus.

Helena Juanita says,

Please pray to help my little sister to find gods voice whispering to her, she thinks shes lost her sparkle. Help her to find forgiveness in her heart, and courage for her 3 children, help her anxiety

Season lady says,

My season and walk has been hard all yr since the loss of my sister, car accident & battles pls pray i have a better season this time & the father well hear my prayers. Thank u lord for hearing me.