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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

JM says,

please pray for salvation for an older man who desperately needs Jesus, also for my financial situation. Thank you and God bless you

Cynthia Copeland says,

Please pray for my friend Sue and her husband Graeham. Their daughter who is 18 has a tumour on her spine and is going for an operation to investigate if it is malignant and if they can remove it.

anon says,

I pray that God would heal my depression

anon says,

I pray for a wonderful Christian husband who I will praise God for

Hannah says,

please pray that my boyfriend softens his heart to understand the Word of God and that he accepts Christ as his saviour

marie grace says,

WE urgently need deliverance from the holds the occult have upon us here in Levin. We are under extreme oppression and they are tying death to every member of our blood line. Pray Dan 10:13 thank you

Lola says,

Salvation please for my husband, Pete. That he will step up as leader of our home. AMEN!

Kaleena says,

Lord Jesus I pray and fast for Your help in my life. I am lost and beg of mercy and favour to fall from heaven and open my eyes to Your will and path You set before me O Lord Almighty

Anne C says,

Lord please help me find my path in tertiary study for next year. I pray that You may open the door to UoA and allow me into this programme and let me graduate with a MBChB degree. Please Lord God


Father I pray for divine strength and peace over all our beautiful mums. LUV n protection over marriages. Renewed spirit and Gods agape love! Fill homes with your Holy Spirit God LET YOUR WILL B DONE

Vanessa says,

Hi, I would like to request some prayer for my son Liam who is having surgery today and all the other children in Starship who are not well and having procedures done. Thanks so much!

Alejandro says,

Please brother and sister,we need pray for our business that started again and is very hard In this moment .

MD says,

Have a vision to set up an online mission shop. Please pray that the Lord will bring partners who are good at IT, web sites, and accounting. This is sell on behalf “Aid through Trade”.

Anonymous says,

Please pray for our debt consolidation is accepted by a bank to allow ease in our financial situation. We are snowed under debts with outstanding bills to pay. Two banks have declined it. Please pray.

JS says,

Please pray for me. I need a healing prayer for my upper and lower back. Am struggling with the pain. I need Gods touch.

Cenny says,

Shallom,please prayer for my dear friends .Graemme Termain, Cindy, and Elly. They all battle with cancer.

Anna says,

English exam tomorrow, God help me

Hera Ammunson says,

Please pray for me. My children are recently with my ex due to things my daughter said. I would like my children returned to my care as quickly as possible and favor of God on me in this situation

Sherry Tate says,

Please join your faith with mine for complete healing in both my feet where I know longer walk with a limp. Full activity in what we are praying for...

Anna says,

I have the most sincere vow when my papa died and to those that I love. Even they failed me or disappointed me, I want them to be happy without me. I will just go with you and left it all behind.

Anna says,

After my heart broken, I must say that those times is the most significant part of my life. I hope I have enough time and always be happy when I am here. I just want to be with papa.

Anna says,

Lord thank you for blessing me and my family everyday. I have the greatest days when I am here. As long as I have the energy to make them happy I will work until my responsibilities done.

House lady says,

Iv been wanting to move house for a year now pls pray i move soon the house im in is damp, Cold, it floods alot, rents gone up too. Lord pls provide for me & my girl. Amen

Linda says,

Please pray for Daniel who knew God as a child: for root-cause healing of his drug addiction, breakthrough, deliverance and salvation for him and his family. Thanks so much

Anne C says,

Lord God please help me with my academic standing! I need You to soften the hearts of the teaching staff to accept my assignments and help me get back into the class this semester please God O mighty!

rawiri says,

help me lord

Glenys says,

Please pray for my sister Kathy. She is living in Ireland and has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for healing and salvation, thanks.

Patty says,

Please pray for good outcome for work issues..also have some leftover ptsd.. need the right work..preferably work from home.

Caleb Hughes says,

Urgent prayer request. That God would urgently remove the guilt of my sins and all self-condemnation, and help me to relax in His forgiveness.

Hannah says,

please pray for Varinder a non believer who has not been able to walk for the past 15 years. He lives in india. This is a way to show him power of the living God so he ans his family may be saved

Daniele says,

Please pray for us for a $10,000 miracle to help us out of a difficult financial situation. I know the amount seems a lot but it would make the world of difference.

Johanna says,


Johanna says,

Please pray for the Lord to take out my sibling brothers stony, stubborn hearts and give them a tender, responsive heart. To put His Spirit in them so that they will come to know Him and be saved.

HJ says,

Please pray for my son Andrew that he is completely healed of Hodgkins Lymphoma .He has 2 more days of treatment to go. Thank you.

Theo says,

I pray for guidance as I have stepd out and gone on my own this year as a self employed builder. This is a leap of Faith for me believing GOD will guide me in the right direction. GOD is good..

Alicia says,

Please pray for my marriage and for accomodation for my mum as she is still living with us.

Jordan says,

Please pray for me, that my eyes will not be covered by a veil and I shall know Him. That I will believe with all my heart. Thank you. God bless you all.

Thomas says,

Please pray for deliverance from a generational spirit to be broken of sexual depravity (grandmother, I have 4 x 1/2 uncles). And a spirit of bitterness, rejection and unforgiveness as a result.

Joanna Towler says,

For my Mum and all the leaders of the Anglican Church, meeting Fri and Sat at Synod in Chch. Holy Spirit guide them through the financial and political minefield to make a decision re the cathedral.

Mary salini says,

IAM Mary from long time IAM waiting for my marriage still not fixed IAM so depressed feeling lonely no peace of mind people are asking abt my marriage it hurts me lot please pray for my marriage

kath says,

can you please stand with me for fear to go in Jesus name

Andy says,

Please add my son Karl’s name to your prayer chain. He became very unwell and has been in a lot of mysterious pain, since the end of June this year. He is still in hospital

Andrea says,

Please add my son Karl’s name to your prayer chain. He became very unwell and has been in a lot of mysterious pain, since the end of June this year. thank you

carol says,

Prayers for my weaknesses that God can use me even though I am broken xx

Lydia Francis. says,

Please pray for Abraham for a job in electrical engineering



Daniele Ferreira says,

Please pray for our financial situation as we are about to loose a significant portion of our income. We need a miracle to clear debt to start fresh and without financial struggle

Ave says,

Prayers welcome for my dream job please. I am stuck in a rut and need to get out of my current situation. Please pray for my family, financial situation and a new beginning. Thank you

Maree says,

Please Pray for healing for Helen and all those who continue to suffer post trauma stress due to Canterbury Earthquakes.

Maree says,

Thank you So much for your prayer. Please pray for healing in regard tothe impact of family and workplace bullying. Also I was made redundant need finance & direction in regard to Gods Purpose.