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Auckland City Missioner

Chris Farrelly the Auckland City Missioner came into the studio to talk with Luke about homelessness and issues they are facing.



Throughout July we are checking out new music from our favs and music that is new to Homegrown. This week we are catching up with Josh and Keenan from Equippers Revolution to chat about their hot new album Hands High. It’s coming out this weekend at their SHOUT conference.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown Saturdays Nights at 6 on Rhema.


George & Andrew Podcast: The Final Show!

The final Hurrah was this Friday just gone - if you missed it, you can listen to the highlights below. 

While it's the end of George and Andrew, Rhema Breakfast is just getting bigger and better - make sure you join us live Monday-Friday from 6am!


School Holiday Activities

Auckland Councillor Denise Lee talked with Luke about various activities on over the school holidays in Auckland.


Storing Food To Last

Sarah van Boheemen, Social Media and Communications Lead from Love Food Hate Waste talked with Luke about the cost of produce and storage tips.


Homelessness in Christchurch

Matthew Mark is the Christchurch City Missioner and talked with Luke about the current need and situation.


Changing to Decimal Currency

Decimalisation was first discussed as early as the 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that both the National and Labour parties supported it, Senior Historian Imelda Bargas chatted with Luke.


Baby Bird-Sitting

Bird babysitting is the latest trend. Nesting dotterels at North Piha needed looking after so the Auckland Council advertised for volunteers. Ben Paris is the senior biodiversity advisor for Auckland Council and chatted with Luke.


Vanilla Slice

So easy, only takes 15mins to make, 30mins in the fridge and good to go! 

Makes 8

1 pkt Lattice biscuits

600ml double cream

100g pkt vanilla pudding mix

Place a layer of crackers on the bottom of a paper lined rectangular baking dish.

Mix cream and pudding together until thick, pour onto biscuit base and top with another layer of biscuits.

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before slicing and serving.

Optional: When in season, add two fresh mangoes peeled and sliced to the mixture topped with the following icing.

Passionfruit Icing Makes 1/2 cup 1 cup (120g) icing sugar 1 tablespoon passionfruit pulp 1 teaspoon (15g) butter, softened In a bowl, mix the ingredients together until an even spreadable consistency is reached.

Recipe from Mrs.Val Savage.


Being Kind

A little kindness can go along way, this is a true story from a friend of mine:

"My first time driving after 10 days sick in bed and in standstill traffic during a major downpour, I sneezed and didn't realise my foot had came off the brake & the car was moving! It rolled in to the car in front and instead of words of annoyance or anger, the driver asked me gently what happened and tearfully I explained and apologised. He continued to speak to me gently and kindly wishing me good health and a safer trip home to get well."


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