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Petrol Head's Paradise

The Motorhead festival is happening in Taupo Motorsport next weekend, burnouts drifting and general boy racer mayhem. Bjorn Brickell got a sneak preview and chatted to Christian drifting champ, Vincent Hopkins.

Listen to the Rhema Breakfast show next week for your chance to win tickets...


Sir Stephen Tindall

Philanthropist and businessman Sir Stephen Tindall has been named Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year 2015. John caught up with him to discuss his career as founder and ex-CEO of The Warehouse, and the startups he's currently working with.


Real Boy Stuff

Peter Beck CEO of Rockeklab last night won the Sanitarium Innovator of the Year - for excellence in science and technology “Peter Beck, the CEO of Rocket Lab Ltd, is redefining the space industry,” according to event organisers.

Peter’s nomination reflects his commitment to making space accessible – reducing cost, improving fuel efficiency, and increasing the frequency and availability of launches.


Building a Healthy Church

Check out these seminars coming to a town near you. Wayne Peat and his team present very pragmatic and practical lessons on how to build and maintain a healthy church.



More New Music

Last week on Homegrown we gave you a taste of some of the new music that is coming out in the next couple of months, however there was so much I couldn’t fit it all in so this week… more new music for you. Featuring new music from Paper Cranes, The Jury and The Saints, Bryce Wastney and we’re catching up with Great North to celebrate their second Folk Tui Award.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown, Saturdays Nights at 6 on New Zealand’s Rhema.


Single-Sex Schools

A co-educational Auckland primary school has introduced a single-sex class for some of its male students, raising questions about whether differences are needed in boys and girls schooling.

John chatted with the Principal of Belmont Primary, Bruce Cunningham, about boys education and the differences in learning between genders.


Sophie Gray & Tomatoes

Luke chats with Sophie Gray from Destitue Gourmet about summer tomatoes and what to do with them.



Car Seats

The most recent Ministry of Transport survey found almost 7 per cent of children under 5 are not properly restrained in cars. John talked to Nina Thomas, the Distributor at Diono car seats and the mother of 5 children under the age of 4 years, about the problem and what needs to change.


Walk For Water

‘The River: Walk for Water’ is a half-marathon in Wellington this weekend to raise funds for clean water in South Asia. Mike Ardern from Gospel for Asia chats with George & Andrew about the event.



Rhinestone Jesus

Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch
I have just finished reading this challenging book by Kristen Welch, the founder of Mercy House Kenya and the well known blogger of weareTHATfamily. I didn't know if I should read this book, I knew if I did I would be challenged in my comfort. I was. However I'll say this, it wasn't in a guilty way but in a way that inspired me to be more intentional with my time and time with God, parenting and money. Kristen Welch is so honest and real and I appreciated the courage in sharing her life in all its messiness. A good read.

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