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Little Girl Sings to Win 'Disney on Ice' Tickets

8-year-old Jemima sang a song from 'Frozen' on her birthday to win tickets for Disney on Ice. What a cutie!


Life FM's Clinton Randell stars in 'The Kick'

Clinton Randell plays Richard Kahui in the telemovie The Kick, a movie that follows the life of All Black Stephen Donald, Leanne and Nerida ask him what it was like to wear the AB's shirt and how hard he had to train for the part.



Tim Wilson chats about Media Prayer Day

Media Prayer Day is Sunday the 10th August, Luke Weston catches up with TVNZ producer and journalist Time Wilson and asks him what he would like prayer for.



Si Barnett talks about his faith

This Sunday it’s Media Prayer Day. Hundreds of churches throughout the country will take a few minutes of their Sunday service to pray for those working in NZ’s mass media. George and Andrew chat with legendary NZ broadcaster Simon Barnett about how his faith affects his role in the media.

 For more on Media Prayer Day click here



David Lyle Morris

Auckland based singer-song writer David Lyle Morris has a hot new album coming out and it’s being released this weekend so we’re gonna play a bunch of songs from it and here from the man himself about what inspired the songs and how he spends quite a bit of time making music in Finland.

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Shineathon 2014

This week, we're previewing Shineathon 2014 - we’ll be giving you a sneak preview of some of this year’s live performances, and a couple from last year too.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown - Friday Nights at 11 on Life FM and Saturdays Nights at 6 on New Zealand’s Rhema.


Conservatives and Cups of Tea

George chats with Dr Bryce Edwards about the news that National won’t be giving the Conservative Party a ‘cup of tea’ style deal. They also discuss Labour’s low poll results less than two months out from the election.



Tech Sounds You'll Never Hear Again

Do you remember that annoying dial up sound everytime you want to connect to the internet, or the skipping sound an old CD would make? Luke and Nerida reminisce on technological sounds that we'll never hear in use again.

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